Replacing Outlook.pst on laptop from desktop

  compumac 17:13 14 Dec 2011

I have had this problem in the dim and distant past and cannot remember how I got around it. I have Microsoft Outlook on two PC's and I wish to copy over the Desktop Outlook.pst and thereby its content onto my laptop and replace its existing Outlook.pst.

I seem to remember some extreme problems when I did this before,as I accessed the secondary Outlook whilst still in the primary Outlook and caused myself some grief. I also have in the past deleted the file to be replaced and then copied its replacement in its place.

So am posing the qustion as to the easiest/best way of doing this to save racking my brains about something that happened years ago when I last did it.

  compumac 17:45 14 Dec 2011

Chronus Thanks for prompt reply. Have only just solved my problem. I keep notes on everything (almost everything) that I do on my PC's with a complete history so that in the event of a problem that I know I had years before I have a crib sheet somewhere. I renamed the target Outlook.pst as outlook.old and directed Outlook to the new files location and it works as I wanted. So much for memory - write down simple things as it is those that baffle you in later rears.

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