Replacing Office Starter 2010, with Student Home 2010

  Ex plorer 14:33 30 Mar 2012

Hi my desk top came with MS Office Starter 2010. I want to load the Office Home Student to the PC.

Will Starter remain or be over written.

Would it be best to delete Starter 2010 before loading Home Student. I have been unable to find a answer on Google to give a straight answer.

Is there any way of testing the office 2010 soft ware prior to loading or after loading to see if its genuine.

I paid top price but its just that I would like to make sure and do some thing about it if not.

  Nontek 15:01 30 Mar 2012

Don't user it myself, but ....

Starter will probably be over-written, in any case what does it matter, you can always delete Starter after installing Student if necessary - I am sure that the Software itself will tell you during Installation.

  mgmcc 15:36 30 Mar 2012

I installed MS Office Home & Student 2011 (2011 is the Mac version) a couple of days ago and I'm sure it prompted with an option if the Starter Edition was already installed. In my case this wasn't relevant, but just run the installation and follow the prompts.

  Ex plorer 16:13 30 Mar 2012

I buy from and trust Amazon as I have bought from them for years and will continue to do so.

Hi I have looked up on Amazon for the buyer where I bought the Office Home Student 2010.

The disk came in a bubble bag envelope in a paper sleeve.

The only other thing in the bubble envelope was an A4 with instructions there is no name, address, telephone number or email address with the package.

Instructions loading the MS Disk After putting in the product number untick the online activation as this will slow down instalation. You can do this later?.

I cant find the dealer selling any further MS software home office etc.

The Part no on the disk is x10-92837 its two thirds yellow and white on the lower half of the disk.

When putting this number in Google the Google page is blocked by WOT.

I have put the name of the seller in Google search and the page comes up and is blocked by WOT.

I do not want to load this if its not genuine, it may contain viruses and other such bugs.

Cost just short of £80 and its looking grim to me.

  Nontek 16:24 30 Mar 2012

Contact Amazon

I would give Amazon a call, I am sure they will help if at all possible. My Link is for Amazon UK.

  sunnystaines 17:56 30 Mar 2012


£80 is about the going rate at the cheap end of the market, I have starter edition on one pc, other has full office but apart from mine having a slow start up [cannot find a method of fixing that] its ok saving £80 i dont mind a few ads on the margin. are you having problems with starter?

  mgmcc 19:43 30 Mar 2012

"After putting in the product number untick the online activation as this will slow down instalation."

Online activation during the installation shouldn't make a significant difference.

"I do not want to load this if its not genuine,"

If it is genuine, you should have both the 25 character Product Key and a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). If you don't have the COA, return it and get a copy from somewhere else.

  lotvic 20:33 30 Mar 2012

Would have been cheaper and safer to buy from they've got Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus on offer for £37.89p. (offer ends tomorrow)

Maybe send the Amazon seller one back for a refund? doesn't sound genuine to me, you could always ring microsoft and get the product key checked out.

  Ex plorer 14:04 31 Mar 2012

I have contacted the seller through Amazon. I Goggled the Product key of 25 characters and it seems to be all over the net mostly in foreign countries to activate MS software of differing kinds.

No COA was in the package.

I will give the seller a chance to reply and an explanation or give me a refund before taking any further steps.

Thanks for replies and advice I will post any further development.

  lotvic 15:11 31 Mar 2012

Notify Amazon of your concerns immediately. The seller will just disappear if they are running a scam.

  Ex plorer 10:41 04 Apr 2012

After contacting seller via Amazon I had a refund and today I will be sending the MS Disk back.

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