Replacing New MotherBoard

  jayatissa 04:23 20 Apr 2013

I had to replace my old MB as it does not give out its VGA. I bought a new MB ESONIC G31 and fixed HD which carries the OS. It is a SATA conection. But the MB could not recognize the HD. When I fixed the IDE HD(as slave)MB could reecognize it and ils are showsn in the screen. It did not boot with the SATA HD. (The data in HD are accessible when the HD is fixed to another computer and therefore we are sure that HD is working) My computer is P4 one and earlier it was with an Intel Board. I had replace it due to above given reason and bought this ESONIC board.

When tried to bood with a OS CD it tries to install the OS. But it can not identify the HD.

Advice of an Expert is sought to get this issue resolved.

  Jollyjohn 13:08 20 Apr 2013

Ensure SATA controller is switched on - enter SETUP / BIOS and check settings. As it is a new MB there should be a manual with it, read it for guidance in ensuring SATA is on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:41 20 Apr 2013

Probably nee to select ACHI setting in the BIOS for your drives

When tried to bood with a OS CD it tries to install the OS. But it can not identify the HD.


XP CD will not see a SATA drive with out making a slipsfream disc with XP and the SATA drivers on the same disk Slipstream XP

  jayatissa 05:39 26 Apr 2013

Thank you very much. I will try this and let you know the results. Best Wishes for all.

  jayatissa 10:27 06 Jul 2013

The problem still exists. Even when we tried with changing some BIOS settings it does not identify the HD. Could you please some one tell us the exact way of changing the settings to accept the SATA Hard Disck. When we go to BIOS setup there is no place showing the SATA out put. All shows IDE. BestRegards

  Jollyjohn 15:22 06 Jul 2013

Did you create the slipstream disc? This is what you will need to install XP onto the SATA drive.

Since you will need to reinstall XP to suit your new motherboard, why not install it to the IDE drive and use the SATA drive for data?

  jayatissa 17:22 07 Jul 2013

IDE Hdrive is not working properly and I need to reinstall a new OS with a new HD. That does not mean I need to install XP. My problem is new MB is not recognizing the new HD. Because the new HD is SATA. I think its a matter of configuring the MB. Still I could not find the proper way to do it. There are two SATA connections in physically in the MB. But BIOS does not show it. I hope ESONIC is not a good brand to buy. I did not face this type of difficulties when handling INTEL Mboards. There is not technical support page to complain and ask for the remedy. Since I have already purchased the MB, I have no alternative than finding a soution to this. I will not recommed any body to go for ESONIC in future.

  Jollyjohn 20:15 07 Jul 2013

Did you create the slipstream disc?

Having read the specifications of your new motherboard I would not try to install anything other than Windows XP.

There is a contact link on this page - click here - try it.

If you still have your old motherboard you could add a graphics card to replace the onboard graphics.

  jayatissa 04:34 08 Jul 2013

Thank you very much for sending the contact details. I forwarded my issue to them and waiting for their response. Rgds.

  jayatissa 16:09 20 Jul 2013

Thank you for everybody who contributed. The fault is in the SATA cable and when we replace the SATA cable it resolved the problem. Now computer is working properly. Best Regards.

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