Replacing NAV with AVG free edition

  TommyRed 20:20 03 Nov 2004

My neighbour keeps getting prompts to upgrade his NAV which now has to be paid for. As I'll be putting AVG on for him and never having had NAV which is the best way to uninstall it. TIA TR

  matt1234 20:23 03 Nov 2004

well u could unistall it and unregister it!!

But if ur mate has paid for a new year you might as well get his money out of it for a year then uninstall it!

  Jackcoms 20:24 03 Nov 2004

Start; All Programs; Norton Antivirus, Uninstall Norton Antivirus.

Then download, install and run Issues click here

It will find any leftovers from the uninstall process and you can safely delete all that it finds.

  VoG II 20:24 03 Nov 2004

Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.

If that doesn't work there are removal tools click here available from the Symantec website click here. Click on Support...

  smokingbeagle 20:28 03 Nov 2004

If he got a trial version without a disk, try add/remove programs. If he has a disk, use the uninstall option in it.
If all else fails, delete the Norton / Symantec folder and run a good registry cleaner like RegSeeker.
click here

  TommyRed 20:35 03 Nov 2004

Thanks all will give it a try. TR

  Strawballs 00:16 04 Nov 2004

I used click here to remove NAV from a friends machine.

  SANTOS7 00:25 04 Nov 2004

IS norton A/V really that obtrusive that you have to resort to all manner of uninstallers to get rid of it, this product is supposed to be the leader in its field but i am amazed at the ammount of posts there are regarding NAV wont do this or that, i don't see many people defend this product, isn't it about time Norton streamlined there product to suit everyday home-users. AVG seem to have got it right........

  TommyRed 09:04 04 Nov 2004

My neighbour was also having trouble downloading e-mails through Mailwasher. After using the uninstall option for NAV and installing AVG it cured his e-mail problem as well. Thanks all, TR

  cagey 10:46 04 Nov 2004

I'm just about to remove my NAV which is due for renewal, thanks for suggestions.

  Sethhaniel 10:50 04 Nov 2004

is a file it puts in one of the system startup i.e config - or sys.ini - and after removel that is still there - and your computer won't boot -
then it's starting in DOS and trying to edit said file - I got rid of it and now us avg ;)

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