Replacing my BT main socket front plate

  Red Devil 12:42 19 May 2008

Hi all,

OK, I hope I am asking this in the right forum!

What I want to know is, can I replace the front plate on my main BT socket with one that has a built-in ADSL micro-filter? I have been re-arranging all my extension sockets so that I don't have wires, extenders and micro-filters all over the floor but need to plug my Sky box into the main socket. I, obviously, need to filter this so would like to replace the main socket front plate if I can with one that has a filter built-in.

Can this be done? Do I need to get BT in to do this or can I buy a new front plate - if available - and fit it myself? Finally, do I still need to filter my extensions or would any new front plate I buy automatically filter all my extensions?

Many thanks,


  Jak_1 12:52 19 May 2008

There is a main socket that is dual phone and adsl with filter. Using this main socket negates the need for filters on every other appliance as the socket is the filter. I had one fitted by BT when I first went broadband many moons ago.
I have no idea if you can buy and fit yourself or if it requires that BT supply and fit.

  Pine Man 13:05 19 May 2008

You could do it yourself but BT should do it!

I rang BT to ask them about changing mine and I believe that they wanted a minimum of one hours labour which was about £90 I think. When I gasped out loud the advisor I was speaking to said not to worry it wasn't rocket science and it's easy to do it yourself!

  beeuuem 13:06 19 May 2008

Although there may be other cheaper / better models thisis the type of thing you here

  amonra 14:24 19 May 2008

Just buy the faceplate and a wire inserter and do it yourself. Most suppliers give you an idiot's guide to fitting. Dead simple and saves a lot of filters dangling off sockets everywhere.
I think mine came from ADSL Nation ???

  ned3110 15:03 19 May 2008

Do it yourself mate they are a doddle to fit!

  Stuartli 15:07 19 May 2008

This is a well known and excellent company to deal with:

click here

You'll also find a range of useful help and advice articles on the website.

  Poitier 15:21 19 May 2008

Also you might find it usefulto read the info on this site.
click here

  Red Devil 09:18 23 May 2008

Hi all,

Thanks for the responses but it looks like my attempt to "solve" the situation previously has prevented me from using the replacement front panel.

Reading the spec sheet, the outputs from that plate are either filtered so can't be used for broadband or are non-filtered for broadband and that includes the internal socket and herein lies my problem.

I have already fit an extension which my PC is connected to that has both a filtered output for the phone AND an unfiltered RJ45 socket. IF I used that ADSL Nation face plate and, if I understand ot correctly, I would have to replace completely my extension.

What I'm looking for, and can't seem to find, is a replacement front plate with an ADSL connection that is unfiltered and a phone one which is with an internal socket that has a completely unmodified and unfiltered output that I can connect my other phone and broadband extension to.

Does such a front plate exist?

Many thanks,


  FatboySlim71 11:00 23 May 2008

This is a good forum click here

I am sure your question will have been asked before on the above forum, if not they will probably be someone on there who will be able to answer it for you, I have always found them very knowledgeable. You may have to register to post your question, but this is free and only takes a few minutes.

  beeuuem 14:25 23 May 2008

From click here right hand side of page.
Solwise ADSL Filtered BT/RJ11 Faceplate
Integrates an ADSL microfilter into an 85mm faceplate with a BT socket and an ADSL-RJ11 socket. Connections are provided at the rear to enable further ordinary extensions to get a filtered or unfiltered signal. Supplied with a backbox but also compatible with standard 85mm plaster-boxes and similar.

Am I misreading your question or would this fit your needs?

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