Replacing A Motherboard

  rossgolf 21:58 22 Apr 2010

To cut a long story short I need to replace my motherboard.
and i want to do this without having to reinstall everything. so what i thought i would do is buy the exact same model of motherboard that i have at the moment which should prevent me from having to reinstall all my OS's and everything.

i was just wondering whether this theory was correct?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 22 Apr 2010

Yes windows won't know the difference..

However you are allowed to change motherboard CPU etc. without having to reactivate windows

click here shows how to make XP work with a new motherboard.

  lister_infiji 22:15 22 Apr 2010

One important note to all of that.. Microsoft for XP do not accept a new motherboard as they consider this a new PC and hence you need a new Windows licence. When you get to the calling them stage, if you are lucky, you might complete it automatically.

If you are unlucky, you will be put through to a representative, who will query you regarding what you are doing. Simple solution (and I have done this several times) is just say your motherboard went wrong and the manufacturer replaced it under warranty. They never ask you any questions after that they just give you the required activation code.

  Jim Thing 22:23 22 Apr 2010

"...Microsoft for XP do not accept a new motherboard as they consider this a new PC..."

I'm sure that's not entirely true. I've replaced a failed motherboard in my XP PC and validated it with Microsoft over the phone, no problem.

  rossgolf 22:25 22 Apr 2010

Yeah, i no it thinks its a new pc if i replace it with a different model. just making sure that everything will be ok if i change it to an exact model before i take the plunge and buy one :)
thank you for the responses

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:26 22 Apr 2010

1 In the above post read new as different.
2. You are allowed to change 4 pieces of equipment before windows regards it as a new PC - motherboard, CPU, hard drive, memory, although XP counts 10 pieces of equipment in its original spec list. click here

  woodchip 23:55 22 Apr 2010

Only thing that may differ is a Later BIOS, windows may see that, but it should not be a problem

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