Replacing Mobo on Mesh Matrix XP1900

  Mutant_Llama 14:12 01 Nov 2004

I have a Mesh matrix XP1900 and I plan to replace the motherboard. Can you remove a quick fix plate on this model (that contains the motherboard) or do you need to unfix the mobo while attached to the backplate, and then slide out afterwards?

  Diemmess 15:05 01 Nov 2004

I would have thought that major surgery like this is dictated by your own convenience, and the need to work easily on the replacement.

Confessing that I don't know the case details, and assuming that a new mobo will fit (physically), then its a matter of disconnecting everything first and mechanical dismantling whatever you have to do for easy access.

  woodchip 15:41 01 Nov 2004

Cannot say without seeing the Case and size of connections to the backplate. you also need to check the I/O at the back, but most motherboard come with a Plate for the ports

  MESH Support 16:48 01 Nov 2004

I think Mutant_Llama is referring to the way the motherboard is attached to the case. Some cases allow you to disconnected cables and then slide the whole side panel to which the motherboard is fixed out the back of the case.

We haven't done that type of case for quite a few years now.

Given the specification of the system quoted I beleive the case is the first screw-less case we used. You can confirm this by checking how you remove the side panel. If you turn a lock with a keyhole in the centre, which is located on the rear of the case, and then lift a latch on the side of the panel then it is the case I am thinking of.

With that case the motherboard needs to be removed from the case preferably after all of the cables have been disconnected and moved out of place. Sometimes one or two drives will also need to be removed to facilitate easier access.

If you would like further clarification on which case you have, please email me at [email protected] with your serial/order number and screen name (Mutant_Llama) and I will check our records.


Mesh Support

  woodchip 19:16 01 Nov 2004

What better service could you get than that after a few years old computer, and you get a reply direct from a Mesh employee

  Mutant_Llama 13:39 17 May 2005

Great to see Mesh responding to the post, thanks a lot! Turns out the MoBo was screwed down without a slide plate. Replaced with better mobo and all good now, ta!

  woodchip 18:16 17 May 2005

Whish Medion was like that! Had a dead Medion from 27 April they said they will send someone out to fit a Motherboard, Booked for the above 6 May Still waiting and no body got in touch yet. After countles phone calls

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