Replacing ME O/S

  Jeep129 11:13 15 Sep 2003

I am a relative novice who has just had a new PC built. It has ME on it which is total pants and creating problems everywhere. Is it simple enough to drop XP-PRO over the top of it. Are there any pitfalls I should look out for?

Main problems encountered have been with losing drivers at virtually each boot up!!!

  AndySD 11:31 15 Sep 2003

Yes .... you just put the cd in whilst in ME. you can then let it upgrade or choose the Advanced options and on reboot format and have a clean install.

While running your current version of Windows , insert the XP CD in the drive. When the setup menu appears, select "New Installation" (clean install) from the pull-down menu. Also, select "Advanced" and place checkmarks in the two boxes.

Next, your computer will start copying files and then reboot. At this point, select the c drive/partition . Select the option to "format" this partition using either FAT32 or NTFS.

After the drive/partition is formatted, XP will begin the setup process and install "clean".

  MAJ 11:34 15 Sep 2003

If you're going to upgrade to XP, Jeep129, you're much better doing a clean install of XP rather than loading over the top of ME. Set your first boot device to the CD-ROM drive in the BIOS and boot yuor PC with the XP disk in the drive. You will get the option to format the drive and clean install XP. Make sure you have XP drivers for all your hardware (graphics card, sound card, scanner, printer, etc., before beginning. XP will have some of them but it's safer to have them waiting to be installed from your own disk.

  kezzerathome 11:35 15 Sep 2003

I would go for a clean install, there are various problems associated with upgrades, and you really need to format the hard drive as NTFS to take advantage of the security of XP, if you do decide to install over the top the make sure you run the compatabilty wizard first.

  Jester2K II 11:52 15 Sep 2003

I would load over the top once to make sure you get all the right drivers and everything works ok. Then a month later do a clean install...

  medicine hat 13:19 15 Sep 2003

ME is not a pants OS - have you tried to do anything to sort out the issues ME is experiencing?

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