Replacing a laptop screen

  Taw® 19:42 11 Feb 2010

Daughter has damaged laptop screen currently have it connected to a desktop screen. Where do I look for a replacement? Is it easy to replace? Is it worth it or do I replace the laptop? 2 year old and works a treat still, just no longer portable. All views welcome.

  retep888 19:56 11 Feb 2010

What model and make?

There are loads of replacement screen on the net or eBay .

  Taw® 19:59 11 Feb 2010

its an advent 15.2

  retep888 20:04 11 Feb 2010

From PcWorld?

But 15.2, is it a model number?

Have you made any enquiry how much it'll cost?

  BRYNIT 20:08 11 Feb 2010

This will give you some idea on how easy it would be to replace the laptop screen click here

  Taw® 20:44 11 Feb 2010

Having looked at that video, seems worth a try, now does anyone know of a reputable site where to purchase a screen. I would prefer recommendations from those that have personal experience of the companies

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