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Replacing Laptop Keyboard, Need Help

  awoods321 15:23 01 Oct 2016

Hi guys, you seem like a nice community so this will be my first post here. So i recently bought what was (for me) quite an expensive laptop, this one: click here . Everything was going fantastic until after 2 weeks of owning it, my buddy tipped a beer onto the keyboard, this was a disaster, I was convinced the whole thing was destroyed but thankfully it only seems to be the keyboard that has suffered. I have opened it up and have got down to the keyboard. I cannot seem to find a replacement for this exact model online and I was wondering if you guys could help me find a suitable replacement or the exact model and provide a link to where i could buy it. I need to use this laptop for university, so I want to get things ordered/fixed ASAP, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Andrew

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  alanrwood 15:34 02 Oct 2016

I was similarly unsuccessful. Have you tried ASUS themselves.

Alternatively try a USB keyboard/mouse set.

It might even be possible to sort out the current one if you know what you are doing. Failing that let an engineer look at it who might have more success.

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