Replacing laptop hard disk using Acronis

  Jonathan314159 17:32 01 Jan 2009

I've done research but am still worried I'll get this wrong so am looking for some reassurance!

My laptop hard drive is on its last legs. The data is safe and backed up. Now I want to replace the hard drive to give the laptop a new lease of life.

I have Acronis v11 and am doing a disk clone to an external USB drive. The original disc had two partitions, both around 17GB (it was a small hard drive). I used Acronis's automatic settings, and because the USB drive is large (400MB) it is cloning it making two partitions of 200GB. The new hard disc will be 160GB.

Once its finished cloning, I will take out the old hard drive and install the new one. I'm not entirely clear what happens next...can I boot from a USB drive? If not I have a bootable Acronis disc which I need to check will work, and I am hoping that will allow me clone the USB drive to the shiny new internal drive. I'm hoping there are no problems going from 400GB down to 160GB.

I'm just asking whether I'm making any obvious mistakes or whether there are any tips.

  Technotiger 17:40 01 Jan 2009

When you have Cloned the original internal hard drive to the external USB drive, you simply remove the original drive and replace it with the Cloned external drive, which now becomes your Internal drive. Re-start your computer in the normal way and it will boot-up just as usual. The only difference being the actual capacity of the drive.

  Technotiger 17:47 01 Jan 2009

I don't understand that statement though, 160Gb?

Having cloned to the USB drive, you then physically remove the larger drive from its enclosure and then fit it into the laptop.

Or it might be that you do not fully understand Cloning!

Cloning is copying one drive to another drive (usually smaller to larger), so that the then cloned drive is fitted in place of the original drive, within the same PC!

A Clone is not something that one moves about between disks - a Clone IS the larger disk.

I hope that is clear.

  Pamy 17:48 01 Jan 2009

Technotiger, do not think that is what he wants to do

  Technotiger 17:51 01 Jan 2009

Having just re-read your original Post, I can see what you are intending - You have a 160Gb drive which you want to put into the laptop in place of the smaller internal drive.

The Clone must be done directly to the 160Gb Drive, not, as you seem to think, moving the Clone via the 400Gb drive.

  Technotiger 17:52 01 Jan 2009

Yeah, just realised ... see my previous post :-)

  Jonathan314159 18:03 01 Jan 2009

Many thanks for the replies!

I can't put the 400GB drive in the laptop, its an external drive. I was doing cloning session now in advance of buying the new internal drive, really to make sure that I can actually do it without the existing internal drive collapsing completely - as I say it's on it's last legs.

By the sound of it, I should wait, buy the new internal drive, get a caddy(?) or whatever it is to connect it to the laptop, and do a clone directly to that, rather than the 2-stage process I have started.

  Pamy 18:06 01 Jan 2009

Hi Technotiger, I new what Jonathan314159, was proposing to do but could not advise

  Technotiger 18:09 01 Jan 2009

OK - get your 160Gb drive, put it in a caddy (they are not expensive - and anyway can come in useful again in the future). Then run the Acronis Clone procedure using the Automatic Option, directly to your shiny new drive. Then just place the Cloned drive into the Laptop and it will reboot as normal.

  Technotiger 18:11 01 Jan 2009

You could make a normal Full Backup of your original drive, to the external USB drive - you will then be covered in the event of any catastrophe with the old drive.

  Jonathan314159 18:11 01 Jan 2009

Will order the drive and caddy and keep my fingers crossed. Appreciate your help

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