Replacing laptop with an 1-pad

  logrin 13:29 14 Nov 2011

I have been advised to buy an i-pad instead of a new laptop.

Have been told it would be more useful, more apps, I can get a Kindle app so won't need to buy one, read my e-mails, surf the net, take and save my pictures, use Skype, get an app for reading my newspapers, play lots of games, all sounds too good to be true. It is smaller and handier and I can use it in the front room.

All I need to get is a HI FI connection to my Broadband.

What are the snags, if any, I can still use my laptop to write letters on Office and as I am getting a new all-in printer I can connect the i pad to it.

Only problem, there doesn't seem anywhere selling them on discount and it is expensive for a plastic box. I have a big mean streak in my bones.

Have you any objections against my purchase. logrin

  northumbria61 13:54 14 Nov 2011

Don't know much about them or the snags you query - but I doubt if you will find any bargains/discounted one's. Apple sets the price and they seem to be the same no matter where you purchase.

  Woolwell 14:01 14 Nov 2011

No dvd/cd player on an ipad which you do get on a laptop. Yes there are games and it can keep you amused for hours. I've got one and I don't think that it replaces a laptop (which I also have as well as a desktop) but it probably does replace a netbook. A tablet is good for emails, browsing the net and it fires up instantly. I read newspapers on it and get PCA on it too. It's easy to carry around. The smart cover is almost essential.

They do not come cheap.

  rawprawn 16:19 14 Nov 2011

I agree with Woolwell, and I wouldn't be without it now when I am away from home. I have added Pages and Numbers to give me more flexibility,and Roboform Everywhere so that I can access all my password protected sites such as online banking.

  gengiscant 16:59 14 Nov 2011

Sorry to hijack the thread a little.


Can you only use Roboform if you only use the search facility within the software? I have used Roboform for many years on my desktop and have it on my Ipad but it does not work as well as it does on the desktop.

As for Ipad vs laptop, as I have never owned a laptop for any length of time and only recently bought the Ipad I am still learning. I find the inability to save documents to where I want: ie DropBox a pain, but overall I am enjoying the experience. Whether it replaces a laptop/netbook I am not sure.They are certainly not cheap and whether they justify the high price again I am not so sure. Maybe give you a better idea in a few months time when I have learnt how to use it better.

  rawprawn 17:07 14 Nov 2011

Hi gengiscant, you are quite right you can only access your login sites etc from within RoboForm itself. However although it is not as easy as your Desktop version, it makes it more secure.

  gengiscant 17:18 14 Nov 2011


Thought as much,I think that is the biggest gripe around the forums that Apple make it a little to difficult for other software to integrate with its own. Thanks for confirming.

  logrin 12:33 15 Nov 2011

Thank you allfor your help. I will buy an i pad and also keepmy laplop on my desk. logrin

  Woolwell 13:31 15 Nov 2011

Should have mentioned that although with IOS5 the ipad should work without connecting to a pc and get updates, etc through icloud I still find that I use iTunes and I don't think that a iPad is a stand-alone device.

I'm sure that you'll enjoy it.

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