Replacing and Internal HD

  LFCcartesian 21:56 17 Jan 2008

I want to replace my existing IDE, 3.5", 5400rpm internal hard disk drive with a new larger drive. Does it have to be the same spin speed as the existing drive or can I get an IDE, 3.5", 7200rpm?

  DieSse 22:02 17 Jan 2008

No, it doesn't have to be the same spin speed - a 7200rpm will be noticeably faster.

There may be some other issues though. 5400rpm drives are fairly elderly now - so it may not have a high capacity, and may be in an older system.

Older systems have issues with larger capacity drives. There is a good write-up somewhere, I'll look for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 17 Jan 2008

Get the faster drive it will work OK

  DieSse 22:04 17 Jan 2008

This link discusses capacity limiting issues

click here

  DieSse 22:08 17 Jan 2008

Also with newer drives and motherboards for some time - you need an 80-wire IDE cable to get the faster transfer speeds. You may have a 40-wire cable. The connectors are the same, the number of wires in the cable is different (count them to tell them apart).

Also beware that you need an ATA (sometimes shown as a PATA) drive and NOT a SATA drive - which has a totally different interface cable.

  LFCcartesian 16:13 18 Jan 2008

Thanks for your replies.

I wasn't thinking of getting a new huge drive. Just 60 to 80GB.

I just want to replace the drive I have before it packs up, its about 6/7 years old.

If I'm thinking of getting a huge drive I might as well get a new PC.

  DieSse 19:53 18 Jan 2008

Even with an 80GB - your system may have a limit at 32GB. There are ways around that - so if you get an 80GB and it doesn't all show up, or won't work in some way - come back and someone will help.

What size drive do you have now?

What OS are you on?

But really make sure you have an 80wire cable for best performance.

  LFCcartesian 16:52 21 Jan 2008

Thanks DieSse,

I've currently got a 30GB drive and running XP Professional SP2

  DieSse 18:14 21 Jan 2008

I would get an 80GB (I don't think 60B ones are around any more.)

I recommend you to get a Seagate drive - as you can download free Disk Wizard software, which will help you get around any capacity limitation at 32GB and help you transfer software.

If 120GB drive is only marginally different in prices, then that will be OK too. Larger than that will almost certainly have problems.

Also the free Seagate Disk Wizard will allow you to transfer all your current system over to the new drive, in one fell swoop. It's a cut-down version of Acronis True Image, which is highly recommended for backups etc.

Do put your system onto the new drive as it will be noticeably faster.

Do download Disk Wizard first, so you have it ready.

Do make certain you have an 80-wire cable.

Come back if you need more help to actually do it all.

  LFCcartesian 09:12 22 Jan 2008

Thanks. Loads of excellent info.

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