Replacing IDE Ribbon Cables

  freaky 18:08 23 Nov 2005

Has anybody replaced the Ribbon Cables inside their PC with Round cables. Seems a good idea, tidier and would also improve the air circulation inside the case.

  PaulB2005 18:09 23 Nov 2005


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 23 Nov 2005

Yes, easier to fitin titght cases.

  Totally-braindead 18:24 23 Nov 2005

Yes I've done it too.

  €dstowe 18:38 23 Nov 2005

All my machines are fitted with round cables. Far neater if ever you want to delve inside.

  freaky 18:44 23 Nov 2005

As most, if not all of the Ribbon Cables connect to the MOB - are there any problems regarding the MOB connection, or are they all a standard size ?

  keith-236785 18:55 23 Nov 2005

Yes, done and dusted, round IDE & Floppy cables along with SATA drive cable make for a tidier case.

all ide connectors are standard size, as are floppy connectors and sata connectors. (unless of course you buy a DELL and they fit a half height cdrom drive which has a totally unique cable system) as i found to my dismay Lol

  freaky 19:01 23 Nov 2005

Thanks for the info, I will probably go ahead.

Lastly, anybody have any recommended links where they can be purchased please ?

  ade.h 20:11 23 Nov 2005

Yep, wouldn't use anything else. I had to get mine from PC World during a hurried re-build a few years ago, so I had to pay over the odds. Ebuyer usually has some good choices and cheap prices.

  freaky 20:30 23 Nov 2005

I first heard of these via an email from Novatech, visited their site just now and they sell them in two sizes 90cms and 45cms. Seems awafully long - the inside of the PC would resemble an octopus!

May pop to PC World tomorrow as ade.h suggested, at least I will be able to change them. Also will give me something to do at home if I cannot work because of the threatened snow!

Regarding PCW, I find you do pay more but they always sell top grade products, and no quibble if there any problems, and no postage charges!

  ade.h 21:25 23 Nov 2005

Woah there! Save your money. I went to PC World out of necessity at the time; with a non-functioning PC, I couldn't order anything online. You'll save a lot of money if you stick with Ebuyer or similar. For example, I needed a crossover cable this week; £10 from Rip-off World, or 70p from Ebuyer! Even with postage, it's massively cheaper, and the only difference that I can see is that the £10 version has "Belkin" written on it.

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