Replacing IDE Drive With SATA

  frostysnowman 09:00 17 Apr 2008

Can anybody please advise me of the procedure for replacing an IDE Drive with a SATA Drive. I currently have one hard drive set as Master on the Primary Master socket, my DVD Writer is on Secondary Master and I have a DVD Rom drive set on the Secondary Slave. If I replace the IDE Drive with a SATA drive can I then put the DVD Writer on the Primary Master and the DVD Rom Drive on the Secondary Master or should I leave the Optical Drives where they are. Any advice appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 09:22 17 Apr 2008

I preume firstly that your motherboard has SATA connectors? If it does then you could buy a SATA drive and just install it and set that as the first boot device, its up to you but theres no need to alter the optical drives or the IDE drive for that matter as you'd be booting from the SATA.

You would either have to do a clean windows install though on the new SATA drive as if you are booting from that it needs windows to be on it. Or use something like Acronis drive image to clone the IDE drive onto the SATA. If one of your drives is either a Seagate or a Maxtor then you can download free software from Seagate that should do this.

  ZeroHour 10:38 17 Apr 2008

You may need drivers for your motherboard SATA controller before you can reinstall windows.
Vista has SATA controller drivers but XP can have issues.
If you cant see the drive to install to then you need to put a driver on a floppy and hit f6 during the setup.

  frostysnowman 10:45 18 Apr 2008

Thanks for all your replies.
My motherboard is an A8V-VM with 4 SATA connectors. I want to use the existing IDE Drive to put into a drive caddy for use as an external drive so there will be nothing on Primary Master or Primary Slave sockets. Could I move the optical drives from the Secondary Master/Slave to the Primary Master/Slave sockets. Also in my Bios there is an option for 'Serial ATA IDE Controller' with configuration options for 'Disabled, IDE, RAID or AHCI'. If I install a SATA drive which option do I use.
When I install an operating system(XP) to the new SATA drive do I have to press F6 and use a driver disk. Which drivers are these? On my motherboard CD in the drivers section there is reference to 'Make VIA RAID Driver Disk'. Is this the driver disk that I use even though I am only using one SATA drive and do not want RAID. Thanks for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 18 Apr 2008

Make VIA RAID Driver Disk

Disconnect your IDE drive
Install the SATA drive to Port 1
Set the Serial ATA controller to AHCI
Set CD as first boot device
Save and exit.
Boot with XP CD in the drive and see if XP setup recognises your SATA drive without using the F6 option.

If not the you need to REBOOT and at the F6 option use the VIA Raid Disk which will also contain the SATA drivers.

  bgrave 20:41 18 Apr 2008

When I was going down this road it took me a long time to work out but this is what I had to do
1. the boot SATA HD must go to position No. 1 on the Mainboard.
2. If the DVD/CD Rom is IDE then it must be fitted to the number 2 IDE position on the Mainboard. I had weeks of problems untill I found this out. Weather it was Mainbord specific I do not know.

  frostysnowman 20:51 18 Apr 2008

Thanks for your replies. I am puzzled as to what AHCI is in the bios and the difference between this and the other configuration settings, i.e. IDE and RAID. The SATA drive I am wanting to install is a SATA 150. My motherboard states that my SATA sockets are SATA II(300). Is it alright to use SATA 150 drives on these sockets?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 18 Apr 2008

Yes drives will run at slower speed.

click here

  frostysnowman 14:50 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay in replying.
I am confused as to the settings in my Bios. Apart from the SATA IDE Controller setting which is to be set at AHCI there is another setting underneath this which states 'RAID/AHCI Boot Execute'. For this setting there are configuration options of 'Disabled and Enabled'. Do I need to enable this setting and could anybody advise me what the setting is for. Thanks for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 24 Apr 2008

Set to Enable to be able to boot from the SATA drive

remember you must put windows on the SATA drive that is plugged into the first SATA port (either 0 or 1) depending on haw your board is numbered).

  frostysnowman 20:40 24 Apr 2008

Thanks for your reply and all your advice. I am still confused about the F6 issue. Is it preferable to install the drivers when installing Windoiws XP or do you only need them if your SATA druve is not detected?

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