Replacing HDD in Packard Bell Imedia 4605

  weschris 11:45 15 Aug 2005

I have a Packard Bell iMedia 4605 with 20GB Hard drive which is nearly full can I replace it with a 120GB Hard drive. If so is this easy to do by a compartive novice.

  Taff36 12:20 15 Aug 2005

Did you get it from PC World by any chance? I`ve some experience in these. Give me the serial number to be found at the back of the tower unit.

  Joe R 12:24 15 Aug 2005


you will need an operating system to install.

  weschris 12:24 15 Aug 2005

This sounds ominus, yes I did get it from PC World. The serial 010446420170

  weschris 12:27 15 Aug 2005

I have already had the hard drive replaced while under warranty and was given 4 Master CDs which I installed.

  Taff36 12:51 15 Aug 2005

You Too! Friend of mine has also had (2) HDD`s. At least you`ve got the 4 CD`s though. I`ll look this up but if it`s the same as the other one the existing drive is "tatooed" to suit the installation sold to you. If you just want more disk space I strongly suggest you add the 120 Gb disk as a slave and keep data on that. The existing 20GB will serve as the Operating System disk. By far the simplest method.

If you buy a new HDD which you need to use as a master you need to get a new XP disc as well, your existing ones wont work on a new drive that isn`t tattooed. You could then transfer your data to the new drive from the 20GB and then wipe it to use as a slave 20gb storage disk. Unless anyone suggests differently.

  Taff36 12:55 15 Aug 2005

This model here? click here# Is it out of warranty yet?

  weschris 13:00 15 Aug 2005

I have the upgrade discs for Windows XP which I installed after installing Windows ME from master CDs the last time I had new HDD fitted.

  Taff36 13:06 15 Aug 2005

If the current hard drive is working and you are only looking for additional storage space I would go with my first option. If you try to install the new drive as the master you would need to install ME from the original discs (I think) and then upgrade to XP from there. You would then need to slave your old disk and copy data.

Making the new drive the slave, if anything goes wrong again at least your data is intact on the newer drive.

  weschris 13:21 15 Aug 2005

Thanks for you help I will do as suggested.

  Taff36 13:28 15 Aug 2005

Have a read here click here It`s quite easy but post back if you have any problems. Don`t forget you will have to format the new drive as well.

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