Replacing HDD, how to transfer OS?

  Even1992 06:42 23 Sep 2015


I recently purchased an SSD drive to replace my (very) old (and bad) hard drive. On the old drive there is a recovery partition from HP which can be used to format a drive with a fresh boot of Windows 7.

My Windows OS knowledge is somewhere between mid/high, and I had some ideas on how I could do this, but I don't know if what I want to do is possible.

My problem is that I don't have a SATA-USB cable, so I really have no idea on how to get my Windows licence on to the new SSD.

Is it possible in any way to use the old recovery partition to install the OS onto a USB stick, and then use said stick as a boot after I replace the old hard drive?

All help and ideas are appreciated.

  Even1992 06:48 23 Sep 2015

For anyone wondering, I'm currently running a HP Pavilion dv7-7022eo Entertainment Notebook PC with default parts.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:13 23 Sep 2015

If you want to do a clean install then head over to the "HP Recovery Manager" utility on your notebook then click on "Recovery Disk Creation". You may however find that you can only create DVDs. When that's done use the first DVD to boot the notebook and start the recovery process.

My problem is that I don't have a SATA-USB cable

They only cost a few pounds. If you've purchased a Samsung SSD then their Data Migration software is excellent at cloning the existing disk drive and ensuring the partitions are properly aligned for optimum performance. It'd be a lot less faff than doing a clean install and having to reinstall your programs and data.

  bumpkin 09:16 23 Sep 2015

I would just clone the old drive to the new with this click here Unless I have not fully understood your question.

  Bailifei 04:27 24 Sep 2015

you can use macrium reflect or easeus todo backup to create a system bootable USB. Get into the BIOS, choose to boot from the USB. Then you can restore the system that you backed up.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 24 Sep 2015

Chaps, will those programs automatically ensure that the partitions are correctly aligned on the SSD? If the alignment is off then the SSD's performance and endurance will suffer greatly.

  bumpkin 10:14 24 Sep 2015

Possibly not, I posted before reading your earlier suggestion which sounds favourite.

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