Replacing HD in a WD Mybook case

  donki 14:33 22 Jul 2009

Just wondering is anyone had tried doing this and if so what was the outcome. I have seen a few walk throughs on the net, would be good to hear of any experiences before I start the sugery :).

  T I M B O 15:10 22 Jul 2009

Had the hard drive failed ??? if so ,,, weston digital have a 3 year warranty on there hard drives. How old is your "My Book" ??

  donki 15:14 22 Jul 2009

Oh id have to check but I am pretty sure its over 3 years, probably nearly 4. It served me well, for an external drive which was in use nearly everyday as my itunes plays off it.

  gazzaho 16:22 22 Jul 2009

How do you know it's the drive and not the WD external Mybook case that's at fault? It could be a problem with the controller in the case or the power supply to the drive that is causing the problem.

I myself have had 3 external drives "die" and found they all worked fine without the external case so I though it worth mentioning.

My suggestion is that if you do try the surgical option it might be wise to fit the drive internally into your desktop and check that it really is dead/dieing. This only applies of course, if you have a desktop, it would be impossible to fit a 3.5" drive into a laptop.

I haven't tried removing the drive from my WD Mybook case but with the other drives I mentioned, 2 Freecom and one Buffalo. The Buffalo case was the only one I was able to save, although this wasn't a concern as the cases were the faulty component, I had to destroy the 2 Freecom cases to get the drives out.

  donki 16:31 22 Jul 2009

I will try the drive internaly and see what happens, I replaced the external drive with a new internal one anyway, just would be nice to have a back up and a little surgery is always fun. I am quite sure the problem is the drive however because the some of the data i managed to save from the drive, about 10% of it was corrupted.

Problems that occured with the Dead hard disk were itunes stopped playing data off it after about 4 monutes, system hagging while transfering data too it.

Should it be as simple as just sticking a new HD in the case :S? From my research I thin the mybook uses the green drives with less power consumption.

  interzone55 17:28 22 Jul 2009

I had a WD external drive and it was fastened with security screws. I looked all over for a suitable drive bit to open the case and eventually gave up and took a Dremel to the case and bought a new external enclosure.

As in gazzaho's case the fault was the controller board rather than the drive...

  gazzaho 18:25 22 Jul 2009

As I've stated and alan14 confirmed sometimes the external casing components are at fault. Trying the drive internally will verify if it or the case is at fault, if you have no option but to destroy the case in order to remove it you can always buy an external drive enclosure if the drive is fine and you would prefer to use it as an external rather than internal.

External drive enclosures are pretty cheap, roughly £10 or so, the 2 Freecom drives I mentioned are now in Icybox enclosures. The only thing you need to be sure of when ordering is the drive interface, SATA or IDE and order an enclosure suitable to the drive you are using.

  donki 10:07 23 Jul 2009

Thanks guys,

Hard disk seems to be working internally, fromatted it and checked/fixes bad sectors, so thats 3 internal drives now. Smae the mybook casing is nice.

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