Replacing hard drive, will windows XP still work?

  tran1 23:35 20 Jan 2003
  tran1 23:35 20 Jan 2003


My hard drive has been playing up ever since my reinstallation fiasco (see past posts). I now get the SMART: failure is immininet warning message. My hard drive is drastically slow and the boot-up takes about 10 minutes. Having phoned Evesham support, an engineer is going to contact me soon.

In the meantime, I have university deadlines to keep. I am contemplating getting a replacement hard drive myself and using that just until Evesham engineer gets round to fix or replace my faulty one.

My question is, will the Windows XP disk install on the new hard drive? I heard that if the hardware configuration of your PC changes, then it wont install (some kind of security and anti-piracy prevention).

Is it just a matter of taking one out and popping the other one in and booting from CD-rom (XP cd)?

I will phone evesham tommorrow, but I'll ask here as well. Could doing this make my three years warranty with Evesham invalid?

(I am too scared to turn my PC off in case it never comes on again!)

hope you guys can help me,


John T

  woodchip 23:39 20 Jan 2003

Have you a full version of XP or a restore disc, if it's a restore disc you need the exact same drive size

  jazzypop 23:43 20 Jan 2003

1. XP wil install to a new hard disk. If it was registered or re-installed within the past 6 months, you may be prompted to call a freefone MS number to explain why you are installing the software to a 'new' PC - I have never had a problem with the MS staff when prompted to do this (I am frequently fiddling with hardware).

2. Yes - your Evesham support CD contains a full version of XP

3. Not if you follow the instructions that come with the new drive.

Bear in mind that it is possible that the fault is not with the hard drive (despite the SMART message), but with the PSU or mobo, in which case your new drive will not perform any better.

I'm sure you've done it already, but make 2 backups of every important document on your drive - right now!


  tran1 23:44 20 Jan 2003

I have the original disk (I think 80% sure).

Exact same hard drive? WOW, mines 120GB, I was thinking of getting a 40GB for £40 plus installation, at my local cumputer shop.

Now I don't think i can afford it.

  tran1 23:54 20 Jan 2003

Hi jazzypop,

I don't think I ever registered it. Will this cause problems, when calling microsoft?

As I mentioned above, My faulty one is 120GB, will I need to buy another 120GB for XP to install like what woodchip said? I was thinking of getting a 40Gb one and I can use it as a second hard drive when my fixed or new hard drive comes.

I have just had to reinstall everything, logon takes about 10 minutes, then a black screen for a minute or two, then windows itself takes about a minute to load up the task bar items and desktop stuff. Takes ages for programs to open. I tried to install my printer drivers, but froze and error message came up (happened when there was hard drive activity).
Hard drive sounds like a grumbling tummy. lol.

Are these the signs of a failing hard drive? I am 90% they are.

  tran1 23:56 20 Jan 2003

sorry, just re-read woodchip, I don't need to get the same size hard drive! lol.

  woodchip 00:00 21 Jan 2003

If it's a restore disc it may not work, you will have to try

  jazzypop 00:05 21 Jan 2003

Hi Tran1,

The symptoms are most likely a failing drive, (especially the 'grumbling tummy' part) but could also be a badly mangled registry.

Occasionally, when I start 'playing around’ with XP, I will enable a setting or three that it doesn't like. The next time it reboots, it takes much longer than normal (sometimes 3 or 4 minutes). This is most likely the internal error-checking and automatic repair process.

Evesham PCs are pre-activated (activation is the compulsory anti-piracy bit, registration is the standard optional process it has always been). The activation database is reset after 6 months, so if you have had your PC for longer than that, don't worry. Even if it is newer, as I said, it's a fairly painless phone call.

You do not need to buy the same size HDD in this case. My Evesham-supplied XP CD has been installed on (at least) 3 HDDs - I hasten to add, they all went in the same PC, nothing dodgy going on, just 'experimenting'. One was 100GB, then 120GB, finally 8GB - there may have been a 30GB at one time, too.

  tran1 00:32 21 Jan 2003

Funny you should mention that jazzypop, just a couple of hours before my pc froze and crashed. I had tweaked around with the registry settings. Upon restart nothing much changed.

Here was the tweak I did: click here

I did another tweak on the MTU and tcp as well.

Later that evening, I played a game and a couple of hours into it, it froze. I eventually had to switch it off via the power button. Upon restart, windows wouldn't load. I got the option to restart from last known configuration or to continue with start up. Neither option worked. I decided to try fixing windows with the XP disk.
I typed 'r' and got into the dos type screen. it seemed to fix things for a while but in the end, a windows command prompt came up in which I had no idea what to do. Left it for about an hour and still nothing. Restarted by power button again and windows wouldn't load. I decided to reintall Xp. Reformatted the quick way and windows installed ok.
The rest ever since is what I have been describing in the above threads.

Here was the tweak I did: click here

I did another tweak on the MTU and tcp as well.

  tran1 08:18 21 Jan 2003

For all you guys out there, do your hard drives run silently? I wouldn't say mine is loud but its noticable when its active. ie. opening, load programs.

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