Replacing hard drive.

  daf501 14:29 14 Apr 2006

Hi,i'm new to this. The hard drive in my daughters went u/s, so i thought i would replace it myself. Not as easy as i thought, i bought an exact same model, seagate 40Gb. I removed the ribbon and cable from the old drive and put them in the same position on the new one. On powering up i just got a "no rom something" message. So i tried a startup floppy i made, and i got a DOS screen. But it will not accept any commands, so i am stuck, any help would be appreciated.

  pj123 15:13 14 Apr 2006

You are right. Not easy. The new hard drive needs to be Fdisked and formatted first before it can be used.

Download a Win 98SE boot disk from click here

Make sure the computer boots from the floppy disk first. Go in to the BIOS and change the boot order.

Once that is done switch off and then reboot with the boot disk in. When you get to the A:\ prompt type in fdisk and press enter.

Follow the prompts. When the disk has been fdisked you will need to reboot (still with the boot disk in) and then when you get to the A:\ prompt type in format c: and press enter.

When that is finished you will need to re-install everything from the original disks again.

ie. Operating System, motherboard drivers, Sound, etc and all programs that you had on the old hard drive.

  wee eddie 15:19 14 Apr 2006

Your daughter's PC may have been made by one of the larger manufacturers and that you may be trying to install Windows from a recovery disk.

If this is the case you will, either need to have the new HDD "Tattooed" by the PC's original manufacturer, or purchase a full copy of Windows.

I am afraid that job is rarely as simple or cheap as one might, at first, expect.

  wbiggchiefy 20:03 14 Apr 2006

pj123 & weeeddie are right - if something goes wrong and you are not supplied with a full windows disk then you will have problems - It is worth paying the extra few quid (unless you are a genius or have some other knowhow) to mae sure you have in your hand a full copy of Windows (whatever version) at the point of sale.
Pirate copies are just not worth it and don't have all the necessary files to support your hardware so don't even think of taking this route.

  ventanas 21:32 14 Apr 2006

For Seagate drives you need Seatools click here This will set up the drive in seconds. No need to fdisk or format. But as has already been said, if you have a manufacturers recovery disc, then you may not be able to use it, and will have to buy another copy of Windows.

  ventanas 21:35 14 Apr 2006

Should have mentioned Seagate drives often carry a three year warranty. If you enter the serial number at click here it will tell you if you are entitled to a free replacement.

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