Replacing a GPU questions

  Graphicool1 12:33 29 Oct 2013

Hi Guys, I'm just starting to install an Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost GPU. I am at the first stage, removing all previous Nvidia drivers. I checked with Nvidia and they said...

"Go into your Control Panel... Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

Select the NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers from the list of programs and uninstall."

I have two questions for you. The first is connected with the above instruction and is more by way of a double check really. When I look in Add/Remove I see the following...

Nvidia 3D Vision Control Driver 320.49

Nvidia 3D Vision Driver 327.23

Nvidia GeForce Experience 1.7

Nvidia Graphics Driver 327.23

Nvidia HD Audio Driver

Nvidia PhysX System Software 9.13.0604

Nvidia Virtual Audio 1.2.9

Q1 - As there isn't actually any 'NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers' (as such) listed. Which, if any of those that are should I uninstall? As I already stated earlier, I think I know what your reply will be, I just need confirmation before continuing.

Q2 - The new card (which came this morning) has 3 connectors. The first being that which attaches it to the PCIe slot. The second is a 9 pin, to attach it to the PSU, then there is something else which requires something to be slid onto it? No instructions as to what this might be?! This is my first GTX card, so I'm scratching my head here.

  Graphicool1 13:44 29 Oct 2013

Can't wait any longer, being as no-one has responded yet I'm going to uninstall 'Nvidia Graphics Driver 327.23'. As for the rest I'm hoping they get sorted when I've installed the card and searched for 'Driver' updates.

As for question (2) I can wait for a response for that?

  retep888™ 14:13 29 Oct 2013


(1).Download 331.65 from Nvidia onto the desktop.

(2).Uninstall 327.23 then shutdown. Remove the old card,fit the new GTX650ti, reboot PC & install/update it with 331.65 from the desktop.


There should be only two connections, (1) the PCI-e slot connector which you push it into the PCI-e slot on the motherboard. (2) A 6 pin PCI-e Express connection from PSU for power. (why 9 pins? Any other connection interface won't be applicable to you)

Finally what make/model is your new GTX 650ti?

  woodchip 14:20 29 Oct 2013

If you remove the Items in Add Remove start Windows in Safe mode then the Card Drivers will not be loaded and can be removed.

PS in Safe Mode Windows uses its own basic driver

  Graphicool1 16:35 29 Oct 2013


Cheers, I more or less did that, re the updated drivers. As for the 9 pins, my bad it should read 6. The make is Nvidia and as 'Lazarus The 2nd' says the 3rd connector is in fact an SLI, to link two cards together.


Thanx for that, it's a pity I was in a hurry to install and didn't wait for your insight.

Lazarus The 2nd

I found your link very enlightening.

After I installed everything was ok, so I installed the latest drivers. I think that was my first mistake. Although it said it had installed ok I immeadiatly got a BSOD and reboot. Then almost straight away another and all I had done was to move the Nvidia desktop icon. After running a few checks, it transpires that the driver causing the problems would seem to be either or both the following...

nviddmkm.sys0x79a74 (and or) nvcplui.exe

These are from the new updated driver. As yet, it hasn't happened a 3rd time, but that maybe because I haven't touched either the desktop icon or the User interface. I can't think of anything to do other than remove the update and reinstal the old driver?

  nickf 16:48 29 Oct 2013

go into gforce experience , and reinstall the driver . I find it happens about every other new driver they issue . although I `ve not had problems with the latest #

  Graphicool1 16:59 29 Oct 2013

Thanx for that nickf, I can't do it now but I'll give that a try tomorrow and get back to you with the result after.

  retep888™ 17:02 29 Oct 2013

I had a similar problem lately with switching different GTX cards, the new one didn't like the latest driver ,I'd to go back 1 or 2 older versions.

In your case after downloading the 2 older driver versions i.e 327.23/320.49(watch out for your data limit if it's capped) & either use Add/Remove or Ccleaner to remove Nvidia driver then retry with the 2 older drivers to see which one works.

  martd7 19:32 29 Oct 2013

I seem to remember in your other thread you were talking about upgrading the Power supply? Did you get round to it?

  Graphicool1 11:55 30 Oct 2013

Another day, same problem I guess. Although since the first two BSOD's there haven't been any more. Everything performs normally, however, this morning when I tried to enter the Control Panel...


"go into geforce experience, and reinstall the driver"

I can't get into the Nvidia Control Panel, it says Not Responding. This would confirm (at least for me) that the affore mentioned file (nvcplui.exe) could be the culprit. If as I suspect that the 'UI' on the end, stands for 'User Interface'?


"Add/Remove or Ccleaner to remove Nvidia driver then retry with the 2 older drivers to see which one works."

I hear what you're saying and I will try that scenario if I need to.

If my attempt to reinstal the latest drivers fails again. I'm now thinking that the promblem I have might be caused because, after I'd removed the drivers and rebooted, Windows immeadiatly jumped in and began installing it's basic drivers. Before I got a chance to tell the PC which ones to use!

Can someone tell me how to stop this happening this time?

  nickf 12:15 30 Oct 2013

Have you downloaded the GForce experience software ? this will make the process a lot easier

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