Replacing drives c & d with bigger hdd on c.

  Gharte' 15:16 06 Oct 2003

Hello folks, i need some help please.
I have 2 hdds in the same pc - c and d. I need to replace these with a bigger hdd on drive c only and copy all the files onto the one drive ie c. How do I go about it, including cofiguration etc. Thanx.

  AndySD 15:27 06 Oct 2003

Is C the operating System and Programs and D Saved info at the moment? If not how is it set up?

  Gharte' 10:17 08 Oct 2003

C runs OS Win98 and has files. D is a second hdd running WinXP and also has files. Now the system has become terribly slow, so may be a suitable solution would be to get a bigger hdd, put it up as drive c, copy all files from the older(smaller) c and d onto new c(bigger) and run the pc on c drive only. This is the scenario, AndySD.

  [email protected] 10:34 08 Oct 2003

what ram & CPU ?

  [email protected] 10:44 08 Oct 2003

more ram & a faster CPU will speed up your current HDD
however you may have to consider saving all your data to CDs
Next question is what new HDD are you going to use if you go for DDR speed then both of your curret HDDs are obsolete assuming they are SDR
You cannot mix the 3 because XP defaults to the slowest speed HDD
If you install the same HDD as your current & wish to make it master you have a complete fresh install of all your programs but remember to format & choose the partition sizes on your new HDD @ the start
I do not know of any way that will save your old HDDs data other than CDs
the problem is your master HDD has win98 it may be possible to format C: taking it to NTFS moving away from Fat32 but as I say copy all your data to CDs 1st vital or lose it

  Gharte' 17:34 08 Oct 2003

RAM is 128MB and CPU is AMD K6-2. DO you think a new(and large) hdd would require a bios upgrade or even a newer motherbord? Thanx for your response,Kellysbouncas. Hope to hear from you again.

  Bris 19:56 08 Oct 2003

You certainly will have to be careful how big you go with the HDD and the BIOS may not be upgradeable in that area. Best to visit your motherboard manufacturers website armed with the model number of the motherboard and see what they have to say. Many motherboard sites also have forums specific to their products. If you do go for a new HDD it might be worth getting a copy of Partition Magic (if you feel adventurous) and running it from the rescue discs, this will enable you to copy partitions from one disc to another, resize partitions, merge partitions etc, I wouldnt be without it but unless you have a good technical knowledge and have a desire to experiment with your PC then its probably best avoided.

  Bris 21:27 08 Oct 2003

Sorry forgot to mention that if your current HDD partitions are FAT or FAT16 you need to be aware that this will limit the size of partitions that you can create on a new HDD, 2Gb for FAT (I think) and 8Gb for FAT16 if you have FAT32 or NTFS then you are OK. If you have FAT or FAT16 you can still install an HDD larger than the max size by splitting it up into several chunks (logical partitions). Partition Magic will do this.

  woodchip 21:38 08 Oct 2003

Your best way is get Drive Image then make a IMAGE of C:\ and save it to D:\ if you have the space this IMAGE can be compressed. you then put your new drive int comp in place of the old C:\drive fdisk/format the new drive then restore the Image from D:\ to C:\ it will work no probs nothing lost

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