replacing desktop with £3k budget

  SoHoKen 12:18 23 Aug 2004

I have a once only opportunity to spend around £3k on a replacement desktop for my business and hobbies. I am retired, but now do some bookkeeping on sage. I have a lot of holiday videos, older vhs, newer digital, that I want to edit, rearrange, insert background commentary and music, title and burn onto dvd's for general playback on ordinary dvd players. I'd like surround sound and flat panel monitor, together with large hdd(s). I'd also like to Wifi my existing Dell Dimension with my wife's slightly more modern version of the same and to install broadband in place of my present modem to ntl. I've seen the Evesham movie edition advertised, but it seems to rely on a stereo sound channel and be slightly less than cutting edge in its graphics. Now I've retired this is likely to be my last opportunity to get it right. Any total solutions out there?

  bremner 12:51 23 Aug 2004

click here from Evesham

click here from Mesh

In all honestly you would be pushed to spend £3000

  €dstowe 12:53 23 Aug 2004

That's a lot of money you have available and you should be able to get something really top notch.

Why not sound out you local dealers/builders? You can tell them exactly what you want and they will build you a bespoke machine. OK, it may cost a little more (but not a lot) and you have the advantage of them being local and quickly accessible if you have any queries or if anything goes wrong (none of the £1 a minute phone lines to be kept hanging on to etc.)

  Stuartli 13:01 23 Aug 2004

You could probably buy two great systems for that money...:-)

  Stuartli 13:03 23 Aug 2004

PC Advisor's top Power PC (October issue) is only around £1,520.

  jonnytub 13:13 23 Aug 2004

perhaps an alienware power pc?, have heard there are a bit pricey but worth it for component quality and performance. Also recommended by futuremark i believe, the 3d benchmarking fella's.

  jonnytub 13:14 23 Aug 2004

some nice dual processor model's click here

  pc moron 13:18 23 Aug 2004

It's easy to spend 3 grand here click here

  bremner 16:22 23 Aug 2004

Very nice

About £1000 worth of components and £2000 on the paint job :))

  Djohn 16:31 23 Aug 2004

alienware very expensive but very bespoke. Yes, you can buy cheaper from other suppliers but with this one you do get top quality branded hardware and a direct link to the factory where your personal details and settings are kept on record.

You never need to update any software or drivers from the respective suppliers, it's all done through alienware by them scanning and updating your PC pretty much the same as Microsoft do with their download centre. Expensive, yes, but very nice if you can afford it. click here

  pj123 16:45 23 Aug 2004

I don't think I would spend that sort of money (even if I had it) on a PC system. There must be plenty of systems available (up to your requirements) for a lot less than that. Have a look here click here or click here or even here and check out the prices click here

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