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Replacing Dell laptop drive.... Audio Jacks?

  Simsy 08:34 24 Feb 2010


I'm looking to replace a laptop drive in a pal's Latitude D600 laptop...

I have a spare, vanilla, larger capacity, Eide laptop drive.

My only concern is that there are audio jacks on the end connector of the existing installed HDD, and no mention of them, though they can be seen clearly in the photos on the dell service manual;

click here

There is no mention of them in the instructions however...

Anyone out there have actual experience of dealing with this? I'm guessing/hoping that this audio jack assembly is just something that readily fits on to the end of the drive, and replacement will be simple... can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance,



  northumbria61 10:41 24 Feb 2010

Removal of the hard drive is straightforward by the removal of one screw on the drive cover. It should simply slide out (with a little care)

  northumbria61 10:43 24 Feb 2010
  Simsy 11:16 24 Feb 2010

Thanks for that, but, if you like at picture 4 in either my original link, or the one provided by northumbria61, (which seesm to be the same), it's not clear what's happening to the jacks... They seem to be coming out as well?

I'm happy taking the drive out, I'm looking for confirmation that the "end panel" that's on display, easily fits on to the replacement drive with no trouble casued by the audio jacks.



  Simsy 11:31 24 Feb 2010

Excuse the poor spelling! I think you'll get the gist!



  Simsy 11:44 24 Feb 2010

So the end panel on the disc changes over OK? Does it screw or clip?



  Simsy 16:19 24 Feb 2010

I meant the end panel... the bit that has the holes in... I can see that screw underneath... but presumeably that end panel is fixed to the HDD... Is that another screw, or does it just clip on to the drive?

Thanks for your patience... I don't have the actual laptop to hand, so I'm working blind at the moment!



  Simsy 16:40 24 Feb 2010

Thanks for that!
Much appreciated.

I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow.
I'll report back.

It's a shame there's no mention of the caddy in the Dell instructions...

they just say, Take the old one out, take the new one out of it's wrapper, slide the new one in carefully!!

Thanks very much,



  Simsy 07:12 25 Feb 2010

After all that the changeover didn't go ahead as the "new" was slightly shorter than the existing!

This "new" drive actually came out of another Dell, (Inspiron 6000), and when I removed it from that laptop there was a short "extender" that I had to put on the brand new drive that was going in...

It's not worth persuing it as this change was only going to be an upgrade from 20 to 40 Gig...

However, as a learning experience it was very good!

Thanks again for all your input,



  Simsy 15:34 25 Feb 2010

That does look like it. That's what was on the drive, (Toshiba 40 Gig) I removed from the Dell Inspiron, and had to put on the new drive (160Gig) to fit in to the Inspiron... The two drives were physically the same size.

However, the drive, (20 Gig... I can't remember the make), that I removed from the Latitude this morning, (that is out of the caddy completely), was actually a different size. probably by about the length of that extender!

I don't have it to hand now as I am back at home... but I am in no doubt about this. The actual dimensions of the two hard drive cases were different.

Possibly relevant is that fact that my workmate, who's lappy it is, bought it cheaply as a "refurb" on eBay a year or so back. so maybe it's some cheap non standard drive? It works well enough. It was only by chance that he had it at work with him yesterday and we got talking about it... I said I had this spare one... and hence this thread started!

I agree, that it's a bit odd that the dimensions are different... but they are!

thanks for all your help,



  Simsy 18:33 25 Feb 2010

2 separate operations...

First I upgraded, for a friend, an Inspiron 6000, removing the original 40Gig, and replacing it with a brand new 160 gig. This entailed swapping the adapter over. That went without a hitch.

Friend said I could keep the 40Gig drive, (of little financial value), or find a use for it elsewhere...

This meant I now had a 40 Gig drive, from a Dell Inspiron, (make of drive is Toshiba), and it was this, (after serious wiping), that I was going to fit into a Latitude D600, to replace it's 20 Gig... (For a different friend)

And that's where I began asking for help in this thread...

Unfortunately the 40 Gig drive, (as originally fitted in Dell Inspiron), is of different length, (shorter), to the 20 Gig drive as fitted in the refurbished Latitude. It does not have an adapter on. The different lengths are without adapter!

It may be that an adapter would solve the issue... but friend 2 doesn't want any more aggro. He was/is happy with the 20Gig... (The laptop in question does not get a great deal of use). The option only came up at all because I suggested it, as I had the 40 Gig drive with no immediate, obvious use for it.

I don't have model number for the Latitude. I'm now back at home and the workmate brought it into work for the purpose of the upgrade.

I think this is, sadly, now at an end. At least for now!

Again, thanks for your help and interest.



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