Replacing CPU need help ???

  donkey090 13:05 01 Apr 2017

Recently bought a new CPU but when installed pc refused to boot. Apparently I should have installed and updated BIOS. During installation my old CPU broke and I therefore cannot reinstall it. Do I need to buy the exact same model of CPU(AMD Athlon 64x2) to then install BIOS?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 01 Apr 2017

MAke and model of motherboard you are installing the CPU to?

if you didn't update the BIOS and you correctly installed the CPU without bending pins and applying paste then its unlikely to be broken.

  Archonar 14:46 01 Apr 2017

During installation my old CPU broke and I therefore cannot reinstall it

Agree with Fruit Bat, I'm not sure how the cpu could be broken unless you bent some pins. Could you give us some more details of how it's broken?

  donkey090 17:56 01 Apr 2017

Yes pins were bent on old CPU but managed to fix them so they fit in slot. However, old CPU does not boot aswell. Motherboard make: ASUS T180 (I know its old)

  Archonar 18:01 02 Apr 2017

So just to clarify - your pc will not boot with either your "new" or "old" processor?

What is the make / model of the "new" processor? Is it another Athlon x64? If they are both the same then I would say it's not the cpu that is the issue since it's unlikely that they are both broken.

Could you also explain what you mean by won't boot - as in nothing happens when you press the power button or fans are working just no display? Essentially please give us as much detail as you can about the issue, otherwise it's hard for us to provide the best advice.

  donkey090 22:30 02 Apr 2017

New CPU is an A ND Phenom 2 x4. When I say not booting the fans turn on but the actual computer won't switch on. Press power button nothing happens. Put power in at back of pc, fans turn on but power switch doesn't do anything ( no display aswell). Thanks for helping.

  wee eddie 03:25 03 Apr 2017

What's your Motherboard?

  wee eddie 03:35 03 Apr 2017

Sorry, didn't notice.

I don't think that you MOBO is suitable for the Phenom Range of Processors

  Archonar 08:54 03 Apr 2017

Agree with wee eddie, the Phenom 2 needs a different socket type than your motherboard has. It would appear that you need an AM2 socket cpu but by the sounds of things you have tried to install an AM3 processor (the Phenon). As far as I am aware they are not compatible chipsets

The only thing that confuses me with this is that it should have been obvious that the cpu was the wrong socket type. Did the cpu drop into place easily? If it did then maybe I am wrong about the socket types.

  donkey090 20:30 03 Apr 2017

The new CPU( phenom) should be compatible with my MOBO( Asus T180) because it is socket AM2/AM2+ and 940 pin, CPU did fit into place easily, no pressure required. Thanks

  Archonar 10:44 06 Apr 2017

Apologies, there appears to be an AM3 and AM2+ version of that processor, as you say it should work fine.

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