replacing complete insides of pc....what do i need

  worcesterman47 15:59 10 Mar 2010

hi, i have a pavillion desktop pc( media centre win xp etc etc ) has been freezing up for a long time now so i am going to ( slowly over a period of time ) replace all parts inside ( i have reset it to factory default as a last ditch effort to stop the freezing up...not worked still freezes ( or in some cases non starting at all )so could someone tell me what items could be causing my problem ? i intend to replace them all 1 at a time ...until i fix it ( i do not know alot about insides of pc's but am willing to i cannot make the pc any more useless than it is now :)..many thanks in advance

  Technotiger 16:59 10 Mar 2010

Assuming that you have already thoroughly cleaned out the inside of the case, and cleaned all fans, grills etc to rule out Over-heating, I would then make a start with replacing the PSU.

  Technotiger 17:02 10 Mar 2010
  iscanut 17:05 10 Mar 2010

Try new memory module(s)

  Technotiger 17:11 10 Mar 2010

Probably best to try the memory mods first - as per iscanut!

  worcesterman47 18:55 10 Mar 2010

have followed the link for the PSU..i do not think thats the problem because in the link it says several things would happen if it were the PSU.quote..."•There is no power going to your computer or to any of its internal peripherals
•There is a burning smell coming from the power supply
•It’s difficult to switch on your computer, by which I mean it takes several pushes of the on/off button for the computer to boot. "....the pc does switch on(every time) with power at least to the dvd drive, also power button lights up & fan kicks in ( albeit very noisy sometimes )..on the times i can get to the desktop or internet it will freeze on desktop or after 2/3 mins on net...when you mention replace "memory modules" do you mean RAM ? the pc currently has 2gig ram installed...what else could be the MOST obvious explanation & item to replace ? many thanks again

  iscanut 18:57 10 Mar 2010

Yes RAM, if 2 x 1Gb modules, replace one of them at a time or if a 2Gb module, try a new one.

  BRYNIT 19:12 10 Mar 2010

Bad sectors on a HD can cause a computer to slow down as the OS is having problems reading and writing to the HD. Have you done a full scan of your HD to detect and repair any bad sectors.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 10 Mar 2010

FReeezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

  woodchip 19:28 10 Mar 2010

Try new Graphics Driver

  worcesterman47 21:44 10 Mar 2010

i am going to try first fitting another graphics card...question is can i just buy kind of any graphics card ?...i know what the existing one looks like, so can i buy one that looks exactly like that but any make? , ) and just swap them over.but obviously i would prefer as cheap as possible but one that would do the any pointers would be greatly appreciated again ( just an added bit of info...the monitor i am using with the hp pavillion is NOT the monitor that came with it..the monitor i am using is a BELNEA ( cannot try original monitor that came with pc as i gave that away )

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