Replacing the chip

  Quilljar 12:47 22 Oct 2005

I have an EPoX motherboard from October 2003 with an AMD AthlonXP 2600+ 2.08 Ghz chip and 1.00Gb RAM

I use the machine for Flight Simulation and various Graphics. Is it possible to upgrade the chip to 3+ Ghz on this board? If so can I do it myself? Where should I buy it?
I am reasonably familiar with the inside of the computer.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:56 22 Oct 2005

could we have a bit more info on your bit more info on your mobo model name/number

  splork 12:59 22 Oct 2005

If it's a Barton chip, and your memory is PC3200 / DDR400 you should be able to upgrade without changing anything. XP 3000's are no longer made though, you'd have to look on EBay and trust the seller that the chip is working. Otherwise you'll want to take a look at one of the faster AMD Sempron chips, the socket A variety rather than Socket 754 - they're technically a `budget` chip, but often benchmark better than the old XP's at the same speed. Try here click here I believe the Athlons are all Socket 754 now, but if anyone wishes to correct me....

  splork 13:10 22 Oct 2005

Actually, looks as though they only keep Socket 754 Semprons here instead

  Quilljar 14:08 22 Oct 2005

Support socket A
Chipset VIA KT400A
Winbond W83697HF I/O Chip
Serial ATA interface
Athlon XP Processor

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