replacing cd burner with dvd burner

  jlate 09:19 12 Sep 2006

Hello, hoping someone out there can give me some straightforward understanable advice.

I've got reletively low-spec pc, Dell Dimension 2400. I'd always assumed that my cd burner was also a dvd burner, but it's not.

It seems the most sensible option to replace the internal burner.

a/ how easy is this (i'm pretty basic when it comes to pc's)

b/ what writer should i buy (i don't see the point of spending a lot when my pc's already a couple of years old.

thanks in advance

  lisa02 09:32 12 Sep 2006

click here

You'll get one for around £30 in the high street.

Disconnect computer from mains first.

Once you open the case look to see how it's fitted, usually 2 screws or a clip will hold the drive in place. Remove these and it should slide out.

There will be two leads connected in the back of the drive, just swap them over to the new one, they can only fit one way!

Make sure you set the pin in the back to master or slave depending on what the current drive is set at, make it the same.

Put it back in the way you took it out, connect up the mains again and reboot. Windows should detect it and install it.

click here for illustrated help

  jlate 09:37 12 Sep 2006

answered my question immediately. thank you Lisa.

you reckon that if i spend that much i'm on safe ground?

  Strawballs 09:38 12 Sep 2006

Make that 3 leads sound, power and IDE but yes it is simple.

click here Under £20 for a sony one.

  woodchip 09:40 12 Sep 2006

Just check that the Jumper on the edge of the drive is set as the one you take out. Probably Slave, Make sure you have the wall plug out when changing the drive

  Strawballs 09:46 12 Sep 2006

Good point forgot the obvious!

  lisa02 11:37 12 Sep 2006

Highstreet prices are usually a bit more expensive than internet prices, but then you have to take delivery hassle and cost into account.

If it's only a couple of quid difference I'd prefer the highstreet.

Sound leads aren't always used, either way the leads can only go in one way and as I said check the M S CS (Master-Slave-Cable Select) pin on the back of the drive.

Just set it the same as the drive you're taking out.

It stands to sense that you'll disconnect from the mains socket before attempting this.

  Strawballs 12:19 12 Sep 2006

I only live 20min drive from Novatech but still find it more convenient to mailorder online!

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