Replacing C:\ drive

  stlucia 13:18 26 Jan 2006

I'm about to replace my puny C:\ drive with a new 120Gb one. I know my system can handle it, because I've already got one as my D:\ drive. But before I start, I'd like to double-check the steps I need to take:

I've got Win 98SE on my C:\ drive, and XP on my D:\ drive in a dual-boot configuration. I've got everything backed up on an external firewire Maxtor drive, using Acronis True Image.

My main concern is that when I install the new C:\ drive, how do I re-boot so that I can format it and then restore my Win 98 software (and boot.ini etc.) from the external drive? If I use a Windows XP or 98 boot floppy disk, will it give me access to the firewire drive? Or do I use an "Emergency" CD created by Partition Magic or True Image? Or can I set the BIOS so that it boots first from D:\ drive and starts Win XP? (I suspect that won't work because boot.ini is on C:\ drive, isn't it?)

  CLONNEN 13:33 26 Jan 2006

Why don't you just use the hard drive manufacturer's own software for cloning an old drive to a new one. eg. Maxtor have MaxBlast available on their website as a free download.

Just temporarily connect the new C drive as a IDE slave with the old C drive staying where it is on IDE master. Run the MaxBlast software - select the option to copy old drive to a new one.

Then just disconnect the old C drive and connect the new C drive as IDE Master and the D drive onto IDE Slave.

MaxBlast only works if one of the hard drives is a Maxtor. If your two C drives are different makes check the manufacturers website for their own brand of format software.

  xania 13:35 26 Jan 2006

Using Partition Magic, its simplicity itself. With version 8, you can boot directly into the software on the CD, but with an earlier version you will have to use the bootable floppy emergency disks. Replace the second HDD with the new one (jumpered as slave) and load PM, then copy the Windows Partition onto the new drive. Now take out the old drive, rejumper and recable the new one as master, reinsert the old slave, reboot and off you go.

  stlucia 14:05 26 Jan 2006

Thanks CLONNEN and xania. Neither of my internal HDDs are Maxtor so, even though I've got Maxblast, the Partition Magic route seems simplest (I've got version 8).

Only one remaining question, I think: When I copy the old Windows partition onto the new HDD, the new disk will be called D:\ or E:\ or something else because the old one is still C:\. When I then take the old C:\ out, and re-jumper the new one to master, will my PC automatically boot from the new one?

  CLONNEN 15:16 26 Jan 2006

If it has copied across the WHOLE of the old drive including the boot sector Yes it should boot as the new C drive.

  CLONNEN 15:19 26 Jan 2006

Western Digital drives use Data Lifeguard to copy from an old drive to a new one - see their website.

Seagate drives have software called SeaTools I believe.

These things are usually in the Downloads section of their Website Support.

  stlucia 15:42 26 Jan 2006

Thanks. I'll check my PM configuration first, to make see if it is copying the whole shooting-match (I'll do an incremental backup immediately before I make the switch). I'll also check out the Seagate site for SeaTools.

  CLONNEN 17:07 26 Jan 2006

Apolgies apparently SeaTools is Seagate's Diagnostic software - for formatting and copying drives you need the DiscWizard software click here

There are different versions available but personally I would go for the Starter Edition as this runs from a boot floppy disk so can be used even if Windows cannot boot up. There is also a Windows version if you prefer.

  stlucia 20:56 26 Jan 2006

OK. I've downloaded the Starter Edition (and the How to use guide).

I won't be doing the job until the weekend. I'll tick it as resolved now, for my question has been answered thanks.

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