Replacing a Belkin F5D8010

  Red Devil 13:25 17 Oct 2008

Hi all,

OK - I have this network card installed on a desktop PC with the PCI adaptor and it's been knocked out from being able to access wireless networks thanks to the XP SP3 update.

I've contacted Belkin to be told to check their website for updated drivers which have so far failed to materialise.

My assumption is that this adaptor is not going to be supported with an XP SP3 capable driver.

So, is there a replacement adaptor out there that I can replace the current one with simply by unplugging and plugging in of a new adaptor, for example, the F5D8011 or 8012? Naturally, I want one that can access wireless networks again on a XP SP3 desktop PC.

Any feedback will be most gratefully received as it's her ladyship's PC that can not access the internet via the wireless network any more so I am under a certain amount of duress to come up with the goods!!! ;)


  brundle 19:28 17 Oct 2008

Does it have to be pre-N or N? I know the 7010 works with SP3 but that's only a b/g card. click here

  Red Devil 21:40 17 Oct 2008


From personal experience I would say it does have to be N or pre-N. When I tried b/g cards it kept having signal strength issues and often was unable to log in to my network.

Many thanks,


  Red Devil 22:59 27 Oct 2008

So can no-one help me out here then please?

  scotty 11:39 28 Oct 2008

Red Devil,
I have one of these cards which ceased to work about 2 months ago. I had assumed that it had died. From your comment it sounds as if there is a driver issue with this hardware. How did you find out about this? Is it only XP SP3 related? I originally noticed the fault on a desktop running Vista.

  Red Devil 14:51 28 Oct 2008

I read a few forums - particularly on Overclockers - that said there were issues with using this laptop network card on desktops that had XP SP3 installed.

And surely someone can help me out with advice better than downgrading to a worse type of network card that had connections issues due to it's lack of range?


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