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Replacing battery charger for Acer Aspire

  Daisy22 12:08 15 Jan 2009

Our new puppy kindly went and chewed the bit of the lead that plugs into the laptop (whilst it was plugged in and charging I add).

We have extended warranty insurance with Comet UK, but its really difficult to get hold of them to find out if something like this is covered under warranty (perhaps we could say its just been damaged?)

Also, in searching on ebay and other sites I find it really difficult to know exactly what kind of adapter I need - the Laptop is an Acer Aspire AS5633 but I cannot seem to find this particular model.

We live in France so the problem is worse in that the company in France that are part of Comet's warranty system just don't seem to answer my queries.

Any help appreciated on how to get hold of a new battery adapter, or how to repair/fix the old one.

It is only the connection into the laptop that is the problem, and a tiny bit of the wiring at this end.


  kjrider 16:48 15 Jan 2009

If its just the lead that has been chewed, then all you need is a new plug to go on the end of it - should only be £1 or less - a new charger will be £25.

Take the old plug along with you to make sure its the correct one (or your laptop) If you need someone to fix a plug on the end it shouldn't cost much. Any electrical shop should be able to do it.


  Daisy22 18:37 17 Jan 2009

Thank you to both of you.

Its the little plug that you fit into the laptop that was actually chewed.

I've managed to make a temporary repair using a "plug" from an AC power car adaptor but its not very good, as it keeps falling out when I move the laptop around.

i've researched in France and what I need is about 70 or 80 euros, which seems a bit expensive to me.

  Daisy22 18:39 17 Jan 2009

Sorry, forgot to ask. Where would I find the part no and the voltage?

The battery itself says 19 v so I assume that is the voltage. But I see from what I've looked at that you can get different wattage, ie. 70w, 90w and that I am not sure about.

  Daisy22 20:08 17 Jan 2009

It says on the old charger:

AC Adampter
Model ADP 90SB BB
Input 100-240v
50-60 Mz
Output 19v 474A

plus a serial no.

Does all that make sense to be able to buy a new one?

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