Replacing ATI Radeon 9800 pro

  paul654 20:03 10 May 2009

Was going to peplace my old, faulty 9800 Pro 128 MB(AGP) with a better card but just realised that all the 512MB cards require a 400w or more PSU. My PC is a fairly old 'Mesh' with a 340W (17A @ 12v) psu.
Would I be OK to use a 256MB card such as the 'Sapphire Ati radeon 2400 pro 256mb' ?

  woodchip 20:13 10 May 2009

256mb does not make no difference, its the card that needs the power.

  malgall 20:23 10 May 2009

i have a dell with the same problem
a good web site for graphics card power figures
try this click here

toms hardware

  OTT_Buzzard 20:25 10 May 2009

As woodchip said, the amount of RAM your graphics card has doesn't relate to it's power consumption.

As a side point, the amount of RAM doesn't give any indicator as to overall performance. Memory bandwidth, core clock and memory clock infinitely more important.

  paul654 21:54 10 May 2009

Still cant seem to find a modern card that is OK to use on my 340w psu. Might just buy a second hand 9800 pro 128mb off ebay and dream of owning a new machine one day.

  citadel 22:54 10 May 2009

you could get a new psu as there have been big improvements in efficiency in the last year and you could use it in your next pc if you get a good brand of psu. very easy to change a psu.

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