Replacing 20gig hard drive with 40gig hard drive

  Solartopi 18:06 24 Apr 2006

Hi Folks,

My computer came with a 20gig hard drive. It's about 6 years old. I now wish to upgrade it to a 40gig hard drive. Will I encounter any problems if I do so?

HELP Please


  spuds 18:17 24 Apr 2006

Should be okay if it is the same type. You will need to format the new drive, and re-install a operating system. That's if the replacement 40gb h/d as never been used before.

You could also keep your old drive as a slave unit, if there is space in the case, and run both drives piggy-back fashion.

What operating system are you using, as this could make a slight difference, in setting-up!.

  Solartopi 18:30 24 Apr 2006


Windows XP Pro.

... run both drives piggy-back fashion. Would I have to put some sort of insulation between them?


  Totally-braindead 18:33 24 Apr 2006

No I think what spuds means is keep the old drive as a slave to your new drive, so you would have a 40 gig primary drive and a 20 gig secondary drive. Make sure you have the software you need first, the operating system and you should also have a motherboard driver disk whcih has all the drivers for the various bits of your PC.

  gartoye 18:50 24 Apr 2006

Or you could use XXClone (free off the web) to copy the entire contents of your existing drive to the new one, then either keep the old drive for spare space or do away with it. This was recommended to me by a forum member and sure enough it copied the lot, operating system and everything and booted up as normal.

  Solartopi 18:57 24 Apr 2006


Ah, sorry for being so ignorant about computer language. Okay, I see now what spuds meant.

I have had a good look through all that initially came with my PC and no, I can't find 'a motherboard driver disk.' Would this cause a problem? My PC came with 98SE OS.


  Solartopi 19:01 24 Apr 2006


Thanks. XXClone would be helpful considering I don't have 'a motherboard driver disk.'

I'll download it.


  spuds 19:04 24 Apr 2006

To run piggy-back fashion, would leave you with two drives that you could use, so increasing your hard-drive capacity. You would use the same cradle and fixing bolts, and a similar set of fixing would be required on the other drive, plus possibly a linking cable (about £4.00/6.00).

Using XP Pro would depend on whether it is OEM or Retail. In theory OEM should only be used once on one computer, and Retail can be used more than once. Validation of the operating programme, would depend on the computer recognizing the components.

If you give a little more details as to the proposed 40gb drive, like new/secondhand, o/s already installed. Other equipment that you will use, that may require drivers. All this type of information will help in making the new installation a much easier project.

Don't let me scare you off, with the above, but I want to make the process of upgrading as simple as possible, trying to cover any pitfalls before they accure perhaps.

  Solartopi 19:06 24 Apr 2006

spuds, Totally-braindead,

Oh, I forgot to mention, my old Dan came with the Floppy disk drive on top of the hard drive, that's why I got 'piggy-back fashion' mixed up.


  Solartopi 21:16 24 Apr 2006


My PC details:
Wish to put in new 40gig hard drive. OS - XP Pro friend sent me a copy of genuine XP Pro with Validation number and SP2. Seems to be working OK and I'm able to get all the Automatic Updates.
I have Floppy Disk drive, Samsung Combo CD/DVD Drive, LG 16X supermulti DVD/CD ReWriter, Double Layer, Multiformat. NTL Broadband hooked to Ethernet Card. Lexmark Z43 Printer. Lexmark X1150 All-in-one. Zip 100 External Drive. Archos 120Gb External hard DRive . Intel Create & Share Videocam. Mike. 4 Port USB HUb.

Hope all this will help.


  terryf 23:47 24 Apr 2006

My suggestion is to leave the 20 gb drive as the C drive, put in the new drive (as large as you can afford as the D drive, keep the C drive with only OS and progs, I have set the page file on C to 2 - 2 and the page file on D to 2048 - 2048, use the D drive with folders for docs, pics, downloads, backups, etc. Use something like acronis to make an image of your C drive and a prog called EA8 to backup your emails, mail accounts, browser settings on to D. I have lots of programs and XP pro and only use about 10 gb of my C drive.

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