Replacement For A-Squared Wanted.

  MeandHer 09:21 21 Jan 2008

Can anyone tell me of a free download that is as good as A SQUARED to use but quicker.
My free A-SQUARED takes ages to scan and slows things down if i want to use the net whilst its running.I have it running at the moment and it has been running for over 1 hour and still not finished.

  ventanas 09:23 21 Jan 2008

Have a look here click here

  birdface 09:41 21 Jan 2008

You have 3 settings for A Squared.The first takes about 3 minutes,The 2nd takes about 25 minutes and the 3rd just over an hour.I use the first most nights before I shut down.The 2nd about once a week and the third about one's a month.And probably like me your computer is probably getting past its sell by date.

  sunny staines 10:39 21 Jan 2008

as ventanas says or spyware terminator.

  p;3 13:46 21 Jan 2008

any scan will take longer if you insist on running it while you are also on line and surfing or whatever

go off line,set the computer to scan , then have your tea or watch a film and let the computer do its scanning work in peace

  birdface 17:43 21 Jan 2008

Well said p;3.Thats what I normally do.And if you also have AVG Anti-Virus you can tic the little square for it to power off when scan is complete.Which means that you can go for a pint or shopping and it switches of automatically. pity more programs do not have that facility.

  p;3 18:02 21 Jan 2008

a2 is not at fault here but your approach TO scanning may be a tad unfair on the programs you have enlisted to help keep you clean

let's have an analogy;when you visit the dentist ( as we all do?)you go prepared for a ?half hour visit; you have cleaned your teeth so the dentist can view your teeth easily and with no foul/unpleasant breath from you ; you then sit in the chair, have a preliminary chat , then , to enable a complete and uninterupted examination you are required to open your mouth , STOP ANY TALKING , and sit while your dentist does his job uninterrupted by any talking between him and you ;he then finishes the examination and you can talk again

same with your computer; while the scans YOU HAVE ASKED IT TO DO are in progress, let them get on WITH them unhindered by any unnecesary distractions

you asked for the scans?? ; let 'em scan and leave them alone while they do so ::)))

  MeandHer 14:56 16 Feb 2008

Started this topic a bit ago and a couple of you said leave pc alone and just let it do its job.
Fine so i leave it but its still doing deep scan some 4 hours + later.
Never used to have this problem.

  birdface 15:06 16 Feb 2008

Over 4 hours is about 3 hours to long.Download something else and try it see how long that takes.

  Clapton is God 15:10 16 Feb 2008

If A Squared is taking 4 hours + to scan, it's not the fault of A Squared.

Do you really need all those programs on the PC?

Have you carried out any basic PC housekeeping recently with click here for example.

The more 'clutter' you have on your PC, the longer any decent anti-malware program will take to scan it.

  MeandHer 15:34 16 Feb 2008

I have ccleaner and run it regular.
As well as super anti spyware,spyware teminator and spyware blaster.
AD Aware 2007
Anti virus is Panda.
Firewall is zone alarm.
All above are free versions.
Pc is only about 14 months old and like i say its just in the last 3 weeks or so a squared is taking so long now.
I might uninstall it and download it again and see what happens.
Unless anyone can tell me a replacement for a squared.

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