Replacement for Quicken Home Finances Accounting Programme ?

  Blott 11:25 21 Aug 2013

My "Quicken 1998" programme is coming to an end - it's worked well on XP for years (since 1998 in fact). But now moving to a new PC with Windows8 O/S and the "Quicken" will not install.

I now need to get another programme to replace it.

I have no exotic financial arrangements - my offshore accounts are limited to an order for Flying Flowers in Jersey in 2007 (£ 23.55)

Just need something that will reconcile bank statements, classify expenditure, warn of routine outgoings due and print statements under classifications.

Any advice would be welcome.

Best Regards to all. Blott

  northumbria61 11:03 22 Aug 2013

Ace Money I think you will find the nearest alternative – behaves a lot like Quicken. I don't use it myself but I know a friend who changed to that from Quicken. He thinks some parts / options are a bit better – says it is neat & tidy to use but the advice is if you ever try it, don't use the free Lite version His words were "I found it a pain in the rear" I think by that he meant it was very limited.

You can download a 30days FREE trial version Ace Money and Full Version costs just over £25

I have used Quicken for a lot of years now (currently 2004 version with Win.7) but from what I have heard from my friend and read about this is probably what I would opt for if I ever had to change.

Hope this helps.

  northumbria61 11:07 22 Aug 2013

Forgot to say - have a look at all the screenshots which will give you a better idea of what the appearance is like.

  Terry Brown 12:48 22 Aug 2013

I have a basic sheet that I designed using EXCEL, that does all I need.i.e. Allows input of Bills and Income/ savings and calculates a profit and loss.

All the heading are changeable so you adjust it to your own needs.I use a 6 month sheet as it fits better on the page

If you are interested click on the envelope and I will send you a copy down. Currently I use Excel 2010, however if you have an earlier version I can save it in that and send it


  Woolwell 15:07 22 Aug 2013

I tried Banktree for some time after Quicken but have now given up on it. It's prompting of recurring payments and entering of them was very poor and created errors.

  Pine Man 15:31 22 Aug 2013

Try Microsoft Money Sunset Version it's free.

click here

  northumbria61 20:38 22 Aug 2013

Pine Man - not sure but it may mean starting from scratch with MS Money Sunset whereas you can easily transfer years of existing transactions from Quicken to Ace Money.

  Graphicool1 10:51 23 Aug 2013

BS1 Free Accounting 2013.7 CLICK HERE It's FREE

  Pine Man 11:20 23 Aug 2013


As far as I am aware Quicken and Microsoft Money have always been able to import each others files. I have certainly imported files from later versions.

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