Replacement PC, front fan barely working.

  lostplot 13:09 22 Jun 2017

Hi, I have got myself a replacement computer but when I first started it the front fan ran at a slow speed, after a week it is now grinding to a halt, the seller advised me that this is correct and that it shall only speed up if it become hot, however, I cannot understand why it has slowed down in one week. Here is a short clip at the speed of it: click here anyone can pout my mind at rest it would be appreciated,does this look right? this is the first gaming computer I have had so and uncertain about things. Thank you.


  Jollyjohn 15:39 22 Jun 2017

It does look like it is running a bit slow. Does it speed up if you, gently, encourage it? Also check the connection wire, there should be 4 wires, the 4th controls the speed and the fan should speed up as PC warms up. If only 3 then the fan should be running faster than that.

  qwbos 16:45 22 Jun 2017

You need to access fan control and try changing the speed manually.

  Old Deuteronomy 17:03 22 Jun 2017

Do not accept that that is normal behaviour, that fan is faulty or, the speed controller is not working, whether manual or automatic. Case fans do not only rotate when the PC is hot, they only slow down, usually to around 500rpm. Do not be fobbed off.

  Old Deuteronomy 17:06 22 Jun 2017

"they only slow down, usually to around 500rpm."

Should read: when the PC is cool they only slow down, usually to around 500rpm and don't stop.

  qwbos 18:31 22 Jun 2017

Not true OD. I've got two case fans. One will only run if the temperature rises beyond a pre-set level.

  lostplot 23:26 22 Jun 2017

Ok, I took the side panel off and the fan goes around easily, it is named Alipne DF1202512SEL and looks like I or N. made by Flyalpine elctronics Ltd. I can only see two leads coming off of it.

I have no idea how to change the speed manually, tonight the fan is actually going slower than in that clip so I am sure it may be faulty, I did ask the seller and he is adamant it is supposed to work like this and shall speed up if it gets hot- but I did tell him it ran faster on the day I received it. Rather than have to return the computer it must be a relatively easy job-even for a technophobe like me to change it for a better one?

Is this fan maker any good that anybody knows of and can anyone recommend a replacement, I have had a look online and came across a Game Max GaleForce 32 seeing that the tower is GameMax it should fit ok?!

Before I do, I would like further advice please. Thank you all for your time.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 23 Jun 2017

If anyone can pout my mind at rest it would be appreciated...

Download a temperature-monitoring utility such as HWMonitor. The download links are the purple ones top left. The ZIP version doesn't require installation.

Launch HWMonitor at the start of your PC session and make sure you do some heavy gaming. That utility also records maximum temperatures so after a few hours use, take a screenshot and post it here for me to look at. Hopefully we'll discover that your PC is running nice and cool despite your concerns about the front-fan speed.

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