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Replacement for Pagis Pro 3.0

  Peter 22:37 20 Apr 2010

I have been using Pagis Pro 3.0 for several years, under Windows 95 and Windows 98SE, to scan and store invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc., but the time has come to move on to a newer computer running Windows XP.

I usually scan at 300 dpi, in single bit black & white, to produce a file of about 20kB in size for a bank statement.

Can anyone recommend a similar programme that they have used, which will run under Windows XP. I've been investigating Paperport, but since the programme moved from Scansoft to Nuance, the later versions seem to have evolved into something too complex and professional as well as being very expensive.

Any advice very welcome please.


  woodchip 23:40 20 Apr 2010

Have you just tried Loading Testbridge from the CD? instead of Pagis. I used to use Pagis but xo not need it now. Also it will not work with anything later than 98se, But Textbridge I did get to work on XP by doing the above. Things have moved on to Omnipage click here

  woodchip 23:53 20 Apr 2010

Examine the CD files in Windows Explorer, Look For Textbridge Setup File it will be in one of its folders

  Peter 23:56 20 Apr 2010

Thanks for your reply woodchip. I've not tried loading just the Textbridge part of the package, but it is not the OCR facility that I require. It is the ability PagisPro provides to scan and store a very small file sized copy of my documents. As for Omnipage, I already have Omnipage 12, so I can use that for OCRing when I neeed it. Your link takes me to Omnipage 17 which is quite expensive. I understand that the scans are now stored as PDFs, which is a convenient file standard, but file sizes are relatively large.


  Peter 16:07 21 Apr 2010

Anyone else got anything to add?


  Peter 17:45 23 Apr 2010

Like a voice in the wilderness; Anyone else got anything to add?


  woodchip 20:10 23 Apr 2010

I know of nothing that was like Pagis, pity it was taken over

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