replacement motherboards and cpus

  User-606B0643-FD10-4834-B66D22F09D5D5ABB 21:38 01 Jun 2008

to cut a long story short, my computers voltage was altered when it was on, resulting in deadness. i have replaced the power supply because i knew it had died, but still no joy. i have been told the motherboard and the cpu mat also have been affected, but am not sure as regards to the next step. i am on a limited budget, and have tinkered with other compnents, but never a motherboard and cpu. the cpu is an athlon 64 3000 1.8ghz, has 1gb ram, 80gb hdd, dvd rw, and a medion 6610xl 128mb graphics card(another long story). i have seen packages of mb, cpu and ram for around 110 pounds, which is an upgrade. i am unsure as to my motherboard, which is the main problem. what should i do? and help would really be appreciated!

  Terry Brown 22:55 01 Jun 2008

How can you alter the computer voltage while it was on ?.
It sounds as if your sysytem is 'Fried', and the best option would be to get a new 'box' complete try click here (Novatech) or do a google.

My wife moved the voltage switch thinking it something else, she moved it from 230v to 115v. the new power supply works, but i have no beep when it starts up, so i know the motherboard is dead?

  jack 08:24 02 Jun 2008

Moving the voltage controller to a lower value would not have killed anything thing would it?
Be that as it may.
You brest bet is Novatech as mentioned and a suitable MoBo/Memory/CPU bundle to suit your budget.
How is the graphics on the old system? you may be looking for a Graphics card also.

  rogerdavis 09:41 02 Jun 2008

I have a AMD barton 1.83Ghz in an asus motherboard. It has an AGP 8X slot and takes DDR ram.

It's due to go to the tip some time. Yours if you want it? Use the yellow envelope next to my name.

  jack 12:03 02 Jun 2008

Don't rush it
The MoBo may be dead but the Hard drive- CD etc may be OK.
Invest in a new hard drive by all means- but that will exceed your budget, and keep the oldie as an external storage drive
When you get the new Mobo you will have to reinstall the O/S- Windows will not recognise the new system.

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