Replacement motherboard for my Packard Bell Imedia mc2770

  Pedro33 22:08 30 Jan 2013

Hello. Could you guys help me find a suitable uATX motherboard to fit this pc that might be still buyable? Spec of processor is I Core 2 Duo E6400 @2.13Ghz; present motherboard is an MSI 1996 (Cuba, I believe) which is slightly iffy..loses sound occ'nly,sometimes goes off into dreamworld. It runs W7 64 bit ok..mostly. I've an 850w psu in it now, want to keep the same processor but try another motherboard..this one only sees 3gb ram max in bios. Am I being silly? The cpu seems fast enough for what I do... Pedro fae Scotland...

  Pedro33 21:47 31 Jan 2013

Why, Thankyou! Pedro fae Mid Calder, the Scourge of Radio Scotland's Rugby Friday night! Yes, I'm a mongrel really, Ross Tartan, but also MacPherson . . I wear the Mac Tartan at those dreaded 'Dashing White whatsits' weddings, or just maybe..Referendum day at Twickers tomorrow for the Calcutta! (Only I won't be there, but I will prance around my lounge kiltedly if we give em a good run for their money! As per the motherboard issue,well.. Sure now that the PB bios restricts adding further memory. Had 2 x 2gb pc6400 dimms fitted - Bios saw 3gb, XP saw 4. Puzzled, you will be! On removal of said dimms,and replacement with the original 1gb ones, the onboard sound card stopped disappearing from Dev Manager. Weird. To get round this, I've put W7 Ultimate on, gone back to the original 2 x 1gb dimms, and use a flash card to cache memory. When I've paid off all the January outgoings, it might be fun to Investigate further. As a Computacenter techie, doing his 2nd A plus,I am bound to investigate - might combine the theoretical with the practical! The only issue I foresee is that replacing the M'brd may mean that if the Imedia front panel sub units,i.e. power switch/mem card/audio wiring is non standard. I am a prisoner of my own curiousity lol Better just buy an I5??? Ps: Jock1e is a fine monicur - fae whae, as they say??

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