Replacement Mobo

  tooter 20:05 11 Jul 2004

After I asked a question about my dead computer last week a managed to fire it up by switching the mains switch on and off repeatedly while pressing the switch on the computer. The computer will work if I switch it of using the switch on the computer, but if I then switch the mains switch off it will not start and is completely dead. The computer switch is ok. And I think the mains unit is ok as well. I think the fault is the mobo. I need to know were I can purchase a new one remembering the computer was made in 1999 and is not worth that much, I have taken some of the details of the mobo as follows. SUPER P6SBA ST366937 04/99 perhaps someone can suggest were I can obtain a cheap or replacement mobo. Thanks for any help

  dazzling (work) 20:10 11 Jul 2004

cant find that with a google search what type of cpu garaphics card etc do you have.darren

  peabody 20:12 11 Jul 2004

Have you tried plugging it in to another mains power outlet to make quite sure that isn't the problem? Sounds as though you have a faulty mains switch, possibly. Be careful - get an electrician to help before you go checking mains power connections!

  tooter 20:51 11 Jul 2004

The mains switch and power supply is ok its been checked I have tried another CPU from a working computer, still the same. I have found the mobo on google by typing in P6SBA but I do not know which one is the correct one for my computer and they cost more than the computer is worth, so I am looking for a second hand one perhaps.

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