Replacement Memory

  johnincrete 08:55 25 Jul 2011

I have 4 memory slots each holding a 256mb memory card. I have 2 new 1gb cards from Crucial. If I remove all existing cards, does it matter which of the 4 slots I use for the new cards. It's an 8-year old dell with the type of memory that has to be in pairs. After fitting the new cards, is there anything to do when I reboot?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:04 25 Jul 2011

It does matter John.

The general advice for dual-channel capable motherboards is to insert one module into each bank. For example, slot #1 and slot #3, or #2 and #4. It all depends on your motherboard.

If you're lucky, you may find each of the slots is one of two colours so your two modules need to go into the same coloured slot.

Depending on the Dell PC you've got, you may find that the BIOS screens will tell you if dual-channel mode is enabled so check there after fitting the new RAM.

  johnincrete 18:42 25 Jul 2011

Thanks Secret Squirrel I seem to remember there are white ones & black ones

  Secret-Squirrel 19:07 25 Jul 2011

"I seem to remember there are white ones & black ones"

OK, if you find that each bank is a different colour then remember that you must still install one module per bank - good luck :)

  johnincrete 17:18 29 Jul 2011

Had a bit of problem but all seems to be OK now. Try 1: put new in white sockets. On boot, got some buzzing & no boot. Crucial leaflet says due to poor seating. Didn't realise that the clips click home when card is seated. But still problems with no boot. Try 2: put in black sockets & had to re-seat several times until system booted. Got to desktop & system crashed when I double-clicked a program shortcut. Several times nothing happened when I switched on. Left it for 10 minutes while I made coffee & it booted. Reported that there was a problem with the floppy - but since I haven't got one I'm not surprised. Was pleased with much quicker response in video editing. Next boot reported the floppy problem & this time invited me to press F2 to enter setup. Found the floppy section and changed on to off & fine since. Thanks for the help & support.

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