Replacement ink cartridges problem

  yattonharrytoo 16:40 11 Apr 2006

Can anyone help please? I have replaced the ink cartridges in my Epsom Stylus C80 with compatible ones, well that is what the package on these Tesco ones say. I have the correct numbers etc., printer was working fine, then ran out of ink. I replaced them and now all I can get is a message saying that they not recognised by the printer and show images of empty cartidges. I feel that if I have these in correctly there should be no problem at all.

I also feel slightly irritated that a manufacturer can play silly games like this. If I pay the money to buy their machine, then I should be able to do what I like with it afterwards.


  wobbly76 16:55 11 Apr 2006

Are you able to print with the replacements, you will probably need to buy a chip resetter.
This will tell you the cart. has ink.

  yattonharrytoo 17:02 11 Apr 2006

No I cannot print at all. It said something about the ink jets could not -dunno - let the ink through or something. Maddingly I need something printed very shortly too.

  pj123 17:46 11 Apr 2006

I would think that you have not installed these ink cartridges correctly.

If they are compatible cartridges you shouldn't need a chip resetter.

Did you remove the yellow strip before installing?

I have always used compatible cartridges on both my Epson printers from Choice Stationery and have never had any problems.

Do you have a link to the Tesco page for Ink cartridges?

  yattonharrytoo 14:50 12 Apr 2006

Many thanks pj123,
My husband took a look at this problem for me today and found as you said that I had not removed some tabs which stopped the whole thing working.

I had taken off the yellow strips, but there are also little plastic plug things too, that you have to remove.

Now no problems. So thanks for help.

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