Replacement hard drive

  S5W 14:11 17 Nov 2006

I know I am not a beginner but I am pretty shaky on this subject. Will a Windows XP recovery disc load windows onto a brand new hard drive if no other changes have been made to the computer? The old HDD is to be scrapped.

  HondaMan 14:27 17 Nov 2006

It should do. I think they are linked to the BIOS and that will not have changed.

Can you not clone the HDD using Acronis or something similar?

  wee eddie 15:57 17 Nov 2006

There are 3 solutions to your problem.

1. To buy a new HDD and a copy of Windows.

2. To contact the Manufacturers and get a replacement HDD with the OEM Windows on it.

3. To buy a new HDD and send it to the Manufacturers where they will install the necessary partition on it. The process is, I believe, called Tattooing.

The cheapest option is to find the old HDD, you might still get the Recovery disk to work.

  S5W 16:52 17 Nov 2006

Thanks to you both. I shall try the simple HondaMan solution first and if I get no joy I'll do a wee eddie no.1.
I am going to give the old computer to a charity but I am concerned that my personal banking and other details may be compromised if it is misused.

  wee eddie 23:32 17 Nov 2006

Read the threads about charity gifts here.

There may be (or almost certainly is) software that will clean/overwrite your files on the old HDD while leaving the hidden partition intact.

If you cannot find the details in another thread, start a new one of your own on that subject.

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