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Replacement Dell Inspiron 1370 battery?

  14nikkiphillips 19:29 30 Jun 2015

My battery is playing up - it has gone through various phases i) charging but not allowing the PC to run without charge (even if plugged in) ii) not charging but working plugged in and now 3) not charging or working typically and then occasionally working even though it says it's flat as a pancake. Conclusion - my battery needs replacing but I can't find a supplier that looks legit. Dell sites won't recognise my service tag (and would probably be cost prohibitive for a machine of this age) and my search for a replacement battery online has just confused me - widely varying pics and dimensions (I wouldn't be able to open my screen if it was bigger).

I have just invested in more RAM and a big clean up and everything is running really well when I can get it on so really don't want to give up.

Any advice and links to reliable retailer very much appreciated.

Many thanks, Nikki

  onthelimit1 11:20 01 Jul 2015

It can be a minefield trying to avoid China based companies. This one at least has a UK address and telephone number, but the price is higher than for many of the other Google hits -

Link Here.

  Ian in Northampton 17:38 01 Jul 2015

There's a ton of them on eBay (but a new, original Dell one is £130!) As onthelimit1 implies, most of them are made by Chinese companies. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as the original Dell part was probably made in China anyway. But yes, there is some element of risk. Check that stock is held in the UK, or you'll wait forever, and check feedback meticulously.

  bumpkin 17:59 01 Jul 2015

I have bought a few cheap ones and they were rubbish, reading onthelimits link that seems to be a reasonable deal.

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