Replacement batteries not working

  kingussie 09:43 31 Oct 2005

I have a Sony vaio notebook Z1WA. The Sony battery does not hold its charge for very long so I bought an alternative suppliers battery and that did not work at all, neither did the second one.Is it possible that Sony have installed a check to identify replacement batteries not of their own make. If so is it possible to outwit it.

  jack 10:02 31 Oct 2005

Are you sure the mainpower unit is functioning?
Also a possible checkh with those that know how the computer is powered?
Think -converted mains power to battery/ battery to computer and/or converted mains power to computer.
which happens do you think? - Will the computer run with out battery only through mains- in which case it may be a switching defect in the computer.

Run some checks so that you have a clear idea what could be possbily wrong before sending to a repairer- whuich you may wind up doing.

  kingussie 10:08 31 Oct 2005

The main power unit operates properly as I am able to recharge the existing Sony battery but,as I say it does not hold the charge for very long maybe 45 mins. the problem appears to be in getting the unit to accept a battery not of Sony make

  €dstowe 11:07 31 Oct 2005

Were the replacements sold to you as being suitable for the end use you are putting them to? If so, you should contact the supplier and see what he says.

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