Replaced PSU but cant start up pic's included.

  Bill8 16:42 26 May 2011

Im replacing an old broken OCZ600SXS2-UN OCZ 600 WATT psu with a new one. The manual explained what connectors went in the mother board but said to read my hdd/dvd/floppy manuals to connect the rest.

I think i put the connectors in wrong since when i try and start it up i get two beeps off the motherboard and the monitor wont switch on. When i turn it off it turns off almost instantly.

Below is some photos of inside my computer to help.

P.S With the old OCZ psu it made a loud noise and i eventually stopped powering the monitor so im not sure if it didnt ruin any of the the working parts in the process.

  Nontek 16:46 26 May 2011

link text

Re-done pics for you, if this works!

  Nontek 16:49 26 May 2011

To Post pics ..... highlight URL then Edit/Copy, then click on Globe with green arrow, then Paste URL into pop-up window. Then Post to the Thread.

  Bill8 11:30 27 May 2011

Not one person can help me?

  Nontek 11:35 27 May 2011

Two beeps is normally an indication of Memory problem. Try re-seating the Mem Sticks, if more than one stick try each stick separately.

  Bill8 15:47 28 May 2011

Thanks, just double checking before i go back to fix the computer theres no problems with the connections right?

  woodchip 15:54 28 May 2011

If you connected using the Correct fitting plug to socket, then it should be okay but on newer motherboard CPU needs its own power plug, did you fit it? any missing plugs and its not going to start

  woodchip 15:55 28 May 2011

Plugs and Sockets are made to marry up with one another and should not have to be force fited

  Nontek 16:58 28 May 2011

As per woodchip - PSU connections are not usually a problem, but 2 beeps is not unusual if memory has a problem.

  woodchip 17:58 28 May 2011

Have you disturbed the Graphics card or not connected the PSU plug as some have one. two beeps can also be graphics problem

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