replaced cpu and fan with problems

  bonetti 21:22 14 Dec 2004

replaced my amd xp2600 cpu with xp3000+ and bigger fan.
when i started up the bios page came on and i wasnt sure if i hav e pressed anything or not(dont think so )
however, when i started up the comp and went to internet options the ghz speed had gone from 1.91. to 1.29ghz. replaced old one back and did the same and the ghz had gone from 1.91ghz to 1.14ghz on the same cpu
what have i done

  howard60 21:26 14 Dec 2004

you may not have done anything - go to the amd site and it will tell you what to set up in the bios for your new chip.

  Belatucadrus 23:03 14 Dec 2004

Check out the motherboard manual, some require a change of jumper setting to accommodate the different fsb used by the chips. An XP 3000 has an FSB of 400MHz.

  dan 11 23:18 14 Dec 2004

Check to see which xp3000+ you have;

The AXDA3000DKV4E runs at 200Mhz X 10.5 giving a 2.1Ghz clock speed.

The AXDA3000DKV4D runs at 166Mhz X 13.0 giving a 2.167 Ghz clock speed.

Put the wrong fsb in and you may damage the cpu if it is only a 333fsb.

  dan 11 23:31 14 Dec 2004

It looks like it has defaulted back to 100mhz fsb. That would give your 2600+ the 1.14Ghz you have.

Do not set it at 200Mhz( 400mhz) as this will try to run the chip at 2.58Ghz and could seriously damage the chip.

Run it at 166Mhz as this times a 1.29 multiplier will give you a clock speed of 2.15Ghz. this is the same as the AXDA3000DKV4D cpu.

  bonetti 18:35 15 Dec 2004

thanks guys i will try the options and get back

  bonetti 18:42 15 Dec 2004

just benchmarked cpu
multiplier 23/2
processor caches says 1/1x 1144mhz

ps cpu is 333fsb

  Dorsai 18:50 15 Dec 2004

Sounds like the board, not knowing what to do, has defaulted to a setting that should be 'fail safe'.

basically it is waiting for you to set it up. Without knowing the OPN for the CPU, i cant advise.

The OPN is on a sticker on top of the CPU, under the heatsink/fan unit. As Dan 11 said at 23:18 there are two possible choices, requiring a different setup.

OPN = Order Part Number (AMD's way of telling which chip is which), such as AXDA3000DKV4E.

  bonetti 19:09 15 Dec 2004

At present i have reinstalled my xp 2600, but once i know what to do i will be okay
i have just checked the cpu fsb jumper on my mainboard and it is where it shoul be
opn number is axda3000dkv4D

  Rayuk 19:21 15 Dec 2004

The fsb wants altering to 166[333] do you have the make and model of your motherboard, if not download and instal Everest from
click here

  bonetti 19:48 15 Dec 2004

thank guys problem solved
will change over cpu to the 3000+ and alter to 166
would never have known to do this

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