replaced cd rom drive

  Maryp 16:33 04 Jun 2005

I've just changed my cd rom drive for a dvd/cd rom writer, but it's not working, its not showing up in my computer. I put all the wires in the same way, and the little clip at the back is in master, as it was in the old one.
The only thing I'm not entirly sure about is the grey ribbon cable has 2 connecrs which look the same. I think it was the middle one that was in the drive, but it is slightly possible it was the end one, (does this make sense?)
Any ideas how I can sort this problem out?
I'm using XP, and the draw opens.

  Border Collie 16:37 04 Jun 2005

If it's the only drive you have on the ribbon cable it won't make any difference. Youe mentioned setting it to master but did you remember to plug the power supply in, (fully)?

  Maryp 16:41 04 Jun 2005

I've pushed in the cables as much as I can, but as it opens I'd have thought the power suply must be getting through.

  DieSse 16:41 04 Jun 2005

Ideally you should use the end connector on the ribbon cable if it's the only drive on it. Unterminated ends of cables can give unpredictable results sometimes.

  DieSse 16:42 04 Jun 2005

Run the "Add New Hardware" wizard

  bretsky 16:47 04 Jun 2005

Read this click here

bretsky ;0)

  Maryp 16:59 04 Jun 2005

I've switched the ribbon cable to the end one, and I've tried running the add new hardware wizzard, but still no luck. and I checked it was xp compatable when I bought it, so its not that.
Any one?

  Maryp 17:12 04 Jun 2005

Just to let you know if your interested, its working. Somehow the other end of the ribbon cable came out slightly, dont know how, I must have knocked it, so I pushed it back and evrything's A OK.

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