Replace in Word 2000 is all Capitals

  timothywilliam 19:30 04 Dec 2003

I run Windows XP with Word Office 2000. One: If I try and replace any particular word or phrase in a document all that is replaced is in CAPITAL LETTERS , and not the lower case I ask it to do. Two : Also, yesterday, I said replace the letter (capital) X in isolation, with the phrase "use a photo" and the action went through the whole document and everywhere the letter (lower case) x was used, like in the word exception, it replaced it with the whole phrase - use a photo.And again everything was in capital letters.
Can anyone tell me how I can get the Replace action to replace in lower case letters please ?

  recap 19:37 04 Dec 2003

Try this: in the Replace window click on the More button and select `Match Case`

  recap 19:40 04 Dec 2003

Because you asked it to replace the character x Word will find all instances of x and replace it with the new phrase, whether it is on it's own or within a word.

  VoG II 19:42 04 Dec 2003

Yep, to replace x on its own ask Word to replace " x " (without the quotes) with " my new phrase " (without the quotes).


I can not reproduce your problem, to use Match Case regretably works only with the searched text, however to replace text then you need to follow the advice by both Recap and VoG.

I can only suggest that you do a detect and repair on the Word programme and in the interim to change the CAPITALS back to lower case then select the text and press <Shift+F3>, this will cycle between Caps, lower and Initial caps.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

  Taff36 10:39 05 Dec 2003

I have reproduced your problem in Word 2002. With the match case box unticked it will find both X and x as the others have described irrespective of what you have entered in the find what box. If it finds X it replaces with your phrase in capitals. With x it replaces in lower case.

With the match case ticked it will search for exactly what you have in the find box and replace with exactly what you have in the replace box - both case sensitive.

I don`t think it is a problem with word. Experiment a little with it you can always undo the last actions and try again.

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