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  Stuart Leyland 18:35 07 Sep 2004

Greetings folks :-)

When I first built my computer, the case came with a 300W PSU already fitted. A few months ago (I'd had the PC about 8-9 months), the PSU died. It was replaced with a 450W PSU. The only problem I've got with this is that it makes the case so hot that I cannot touch it. It also makes my room very hot. Whereas before, with the 300W PSU, I was able to leave the computer on overnight, I now find that it gets much too hot.

Since decorating my room, the PSU fan has become noisey as if it is rattling about a little. After a while it does settle down. However, I am thinking about replacing the case and the PSU. My questions are:

1. What watt PSU would I need for the following:

- MSI KT4V-L motherboard

- Athlon XP 2400


- GeForce FX5200 graphics card

2. What is the cheapest case I can get which is something like sturdy and will not get too hot near the PSU?

I'm hoping not to spend much money on this but will consider all ideas up to £35.

Thanks very much in advance.

  Simon_P 18:48 07 Sep 2004

click here power calculator

Cases click here

I use this psu it is quite and great
plenty of power click here

I would'nt think you would need to change your case

  PA28 18:51 07 Sep 2004

Are you sure that your PSU is OK? I have a 500w in mine - a cheap one at that - and it doesn't get unduly warm, never mind hot.....

  Friday's Child 19:13 07 Sep 2004

Could the two problems (excessive heat - sometimes noisy fan) be related?

I don't know what sort of temperature a PSU can reach before it shuts itself off but if it is getting hot enough to make the case uncomfortable to touch it sounds like the cooling is well up the spout.

  Stuart Leyland 22:09 07 Sep 2004

Thanks for the replies guys :-)

The PSU has always ran hot ever since it was fitted so I assumed it was normal. Only since it started making dodgey noises have I thought about replacing it.

The "Power Calculator" (nice find by the way!) recommends that I have at least 249W. That doesn't include my USB modem either so 300W may not have been enough hence why it died on me.

I am considering buying the PSU that Simon7063 mentioned. As long as it is quiet, I'm not too fussed. Preferably not run too hot either so that I can leave my computer on (so sister's computer can go on the internet - not enough pennies for a router yet!). If it doesn't live up to expectations, do you think I'll be able to return it for a refund once I've put it into my case? I've read their website and policy on returns and quote the following:

"WE WILL NOT ACCEPT for return any non-defective item on which the factory seal has been broken. Before opening any product make 100% sure you have the right item(s)"

That is from this page (click here) under "Non-defective products".

Where would the factory seal be? On the packaging that the PSU comes in or actually on the PSU so that you cannot get inside it? Not too keen on shelling out £25+ (including delivery) and it not being what I want.

Thanking you in advanced.

  Simon_P 22:52 07 Sep 2004

The Q-tec is whisper quiet (less than CPU fan), my PC is on at least 5-6 hours a day usually much more and it is cold to the touch.

Not sure what is meant by factory seal.

If is not defective you want to return it. As with any purchase make sure it is what you need, i.e that there are enough connectors and that they are long enough.

The cabling loom in this PSU will reach drives at the bottom front of a midi tower no problem.

  Stuart Leyland 23:04 07 Sep 2004

I think you've convinced me! I'll be very happy if it's as quiet as you describe it. Temperature would also be a big factor. Does it kick lots of hot air out? Being in a 8x8 foot room, as soon as my PSU starts kicking out a bit of hot air, that's it, the computer has to go off.

Think that's the last query before I part with my cash.

Thanks for your help :-)

  Simon_P 23:10 07 Sep 2004

I have never noticed

Hold on while I check!

Ok I have just crawled around on my hands and knees (hope you’re impressed) and it is blowing cool air.

  Stuart Leyland 10:24 08 Sep 2004

Very much so impressed! Thanks a lot.

One order for a 550W PSU is on it's way from me later today :-)

Thanks for your help :-)

  Stuart Leyland 21:04 19 Sep 2004

Just like to add my thanks to Simon7063 for his excellent recommendation!

By pure coincedence, my PSU died yesterday (probably fried itself!) and I was thinking that I'd have to cannibalise my sister's computer to find out the name of the company who I ordered the PSU from 10 days ago and it hadn't yet arrived. Fortunately, it was delivered to my Dad's work place (that's where I'd requested) that morning so I was quite relieved.

Was a bit strange fitting it though. Didn't expect one of the fans to be over the CPU but it obviously was because it wouldn't fit in any other way.

All is running much cooler and probably quieter than my previous PSU. I've had Motherboard Monitor running for the past 20 hours and not once has it got even close to 60C (at the moment the CPU temperature is at 54C and that's after being running for about 12 hours straight).

One quite happy customer over here. One thing is for certain, if I ever sell this PC on, the PSU is coming with me!!

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